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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
11. Whisper

Review #1964 by Natasha000643
Written on Apr 7, 2004 (Read 2872 times)
um, actually the chanting is either not "servatis" or does not mean "save us". for it to be a command it needs to be "servate", if it really is "servatis", then it means "being saved". it translates to "being saved from danger" instead of "save us from danger"

BTW, this song kicks ass!!!

Review #1898 by female teen spirit
Written on Apr 1, 2004 (Read 2994 times)
Amy is great.Ilove all of her songs, specialy this one.this is one mad cool song!!!!!!!!Evanescence could kick any other singers ass any time.

Review #1889 by krystyn
Written on Apr 1, 2004 (Read 3003 times)
i like your songs

Review #1814 by ashara
Written on Mar 26, 2004 (Read 3127 times)
i luv it 2 my soul...
i wrote a poem if u think it suxs then U sux...

i listen to the sound, that echoes through my head.
circling my thoughts, until i am dead.

it is a sound and a colour, at the same time.
it is a shape and a scent, i follow its line.

through dark and light, it shall always lead.
i follow it willingly, it is like a need.

falling through time, i breath it in.
i do not fight, for it will always win.

cheers from ashara, Aussie Rules!! mail me with ur thoughts...


Review #1812 by You Love me, don't you? hehe.
Written on Mar 26, 2004 (Read 3128 times)
wow.  what a genius eh? I could just...freakout! I love this song so much! "servatise a periculum, servatise a maleficum"  Save us from danger, save us from evil. there's the end chant. enjoy!

Review #1806 by cherry
Written on Mar 26, 2004 (Read 3145 times)
this cd is sooooooooo awesome and amazing I wish you guys would make a new album cause i'll be the first to buy it and i bet it would sound just as good maybe better any way keep the band in touch and hopefully i'll be seeing your next cd come out.

Review #1776 by e.
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 3204 times)
this is the awesomest song on any evanescence cd. it tells the truth. i completely relate to it. it reminds me of my life growing up. this is my anthem. the chant at the end is cool, but i think that it should have been in the middle of a lord of the rings movie. but the chant is STILL cool.

Review #1774 by Jessa
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 3213 times)
The most awesome song ever!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyone that speaks Latin, please tell me what they're saying and translate. But this is by far the most WICKED song EVER!!!!!!!!!!
I love Evanescance.

Review #1709 by Jae Allison
Written on Mar 19, 2004 (Read 3266 times)
Amy Lee! I know EVERY single song by heart! I love your band! Oh and this is my FAVORITE song in the WHOLE CD! I love it!
"Catch me as I fall
Say your hear and its all over now"AWESOME!!!!!

Review #1661 by jay
Written on Mar 17, 2004 (Read 3322 times)
i live this album.
above all i like averybody's fool and imaginary and hello!!
i love that line that goes: where the wind will wisper to me where thw raindops as they're falling tell a story!
they are sooooo cool.
and amy is sooo pretty. i lov e the way she doe her makeup in the video 4 going under


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