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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
10. My Last Breath

Review #2558 by Pyromania Jon
Written on May 21, 2004 (Read 1119 times)
This i think is the best evanescence song ever + evanescence is the best band. I wan't another album...

Review #2536 by Liz
Written on May 19, 2004 (Read 1153 times)
this is an amazing song. My mom died 2 years ago and just last summer I heard "My last breath" for the first time. Every day my mom's death hits me harder and this song really helps me make it through.

Review #2526 by keanu
Written on May 18, 2004 (Read 1176 times)
This song kicks major @$$!Evanessence rocks

Review #2515 by Twikie
Written on May 17, 2004 (Read 1188 times)
Hey everybody! like i said before this is totaly bitchin! when i get into a fight with the love of my life this is the perfect band for me! Play a little puff,puff,pass and just drift away into the world of evanescence.

Review #2476 by laurennyah
Written on May 14, 2004 (Read 1226 times)
j/k/ bout the hillary duff thing!

Review #2430 by Twikie
Written on May 12, 2004 (Read 1256 times)
This band is totaly bitchin! So is this website. Every time I have had a shity day go into my room and turn up my tunes and drift away into the world of EVANESCENCE! Which is a wonderful place to be, if you know what I mean?!

Review #2429 by Butterfly
Written on May 12, 2004 (Read 1254 times)
I think this is one of their best songs they have ever writen. Me and My best friend are huge fans and love the deep soulful songs they write and this is one of the ones that catch your hears into listening and then catches your soul. It also goes so well with MY IMMORTAL and I also love that song toooo.

Review #2402 by raprulz_08
Written on May 9, 2004 (Read 1297 times)
Let me just start of by saying that pple who don't like evansence need to get a life as simple as that. My last breath goes along with my other faviorte song "Tourniquet" they both deal with angry and most pple don't understand wut they will  sing about and i wonder where their inspirtion comes form?

Review #2352 by LAURENNYAH
Written on May 5, 2004 (Read 1340 times)

Review #2317 by carmen
Written on May 3, 2004 (Read 1380 times)
It is do awesome that this band is out! Dude the very first day that the cd came out I went and got it. keep on rockin and sk8in!


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