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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
10. My Last Breath

Review #3493 by luica
Written on Oct 3, 2004 (Read 1039 times)

Review #3489 by amber
Written on Oct 1, 2004 (Read 980 times)
the song "my last breath" makes me feel so alive!if you read this amy please dont hesitate to email me.i love all you evanescence fans you all rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #3399 by d dubba drizzle
Written on Sep 10, 2004 (Read 1050 times)
i love this song it makes me feel alive, as does every evanescence song. they are all excellent songs! AMY LEE is sooo hott 2!!  if you read this amy, i live in canonsburg PA, hit me up sometime!!! i love you..by the way you are the highlight of life!

Review #3398 by kim
Written on Sep 10, 2004 (Read 1029 times)
this sond is awesome. the way the music plays and her voice go so well together.. when then again thats every song. i love amy lee. she is soo sexxxxxxxxxxxy!

Review #3378 by Daniel Euperium Ezukhriz
Written on Sep 3, 2004 (Read 1040 times)
"My Last breath"
This song is my theme song when I die. I really love this song and it inspire my to continue express my feelings to Jean Sarah Adelained, for she is the only girl that respect me and I love the most... Everytime I hear this I always imagine myself dying and talking to Jean. I know its hurting to see someone dying but I love it when she's around. Your the best Amy LEE!!! I love your songs.
dEe of Philippines

Review #3355 by niccole
Written on Aug 30, 2004 (Read 924 times)
i listen to evanescence whe i a md or wen i feel like i needsomething to sing to and that can stimulate my life like the song mytournaquet that is  my fave song.e mail me if u have something to say ok
i love evaescence

Review #3265 by evanescencefan_6
Written on Aug 15, 2004 (Read 932 times)
i love this song!! its so awesome. evanescence is the best band in the world! amyn lee is an awesome singer and the rest of the band rocks 2! ROCK ON!

Review #3251 by Jessica
Written on Aug 14, 2004 (Read 843 times)
i luv this song the sec i heard it i fell in luv with it . i would say this is the best song on the cd ! well i luv this song ppl who havent heard it yet ... ITS A GREAT SONG HEAR IT !!!!!!!!! ok thanx a lot Evanescence for bring this great song into music !


Review #3216 by Aaron
Written on Aug 9, 2004 (Read 896 times)
Evancescence certainly does know how to pump up a crowd. Not since music midtown have i seen a crowd go absolutely crazy like that over a band. I attended the show at HifiBuys ampitheater in Atlanta Georgia and although it is a small venue the place was full of energy. My one regret was that I would have liked to see three days grace and breaking benjamin play longer, however Evanescence was the main act and the crowd made that obvious. I was totally blown away by the show. I thought i was gonna cry when amy lee broke into a totally KICK A** version of Thoughtless by Korn. She even played one song i had never heard before although i dont know the name of it im sure it will be on the next album which i am throroughly looking foreward to. Very seldom in my oppinion does a band come along that supports its own hype in concert. This is certainly one of those bands. Amy Lee is truly one of the most gifted singers I have ever heard. I would put her up there with Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. An autograph would be appreciated but this is my honest review of the show not some shiney kiss ass to get an autograph i truly enjoyed it.

Review #3215 by Alicia Murrell
Written on Aug 9, 2004 (Read 860 times)
Hey Im doin a review on Taking Over Me. I just wanna say that all my friends that make fun of me cuz i lsten 2 Evanescence u guys shouldnt care if i listen to them a lot. Cuz u ppl listen  2 like all this rap stuff and telln me i should listen  2 it 2 cuz Evanescence sux well they dont. Amy Lee U ROCK!!!!!! :) Keep doin wut ur doin cuz i can see that a lot ppl are happy with wut u do. Keep makn cds !!!

Buh bi 4 now
Luv Alicia Murrell xoxoxo


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