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Tuesday, March 4, 2003
10. My Last Breath

Review #5380 by Trina
Written on Jul 24, 2005 (Read 593 times)
Hi! I'm an Evanescence fan! Evanescence is great! Especially Amy, I love how she writes from her heart and how the songs are so meaningful and have so much for people to hold on to. Amy has inspired me to write this poem. I hope you like it and I hope to get some feedback. Thank you.

My last breath
Look for me in the darkest of nights
Hiding in a forest of white.
My arms are up but not to reach you,
Only to blindly get through
The road that always seems
To remain unseen.
I know you are looking for me
No love is stronger than we.
I am not the one you should mourn for,
Because it will only hurt more
For me to know of your heart
When we are due to part
Don’t cry those tears
For it drops upon my fears.
Telling me that when I leave
No one will be there for you when you grieve.
I can’t go on
Unless you live through this when I am gone  
Every second I try to hold on longer
To show you that I am stronger,
To fight through for one last breath
Until I finally walk along side death.

Review #5061 by Kumo
Written on May 30, 2005 (Read 650 times)
It sounds as though she's singing about love and how she can't really be with the one she loves. When she's saying 'praying your dreams will lead you here', I think she's saying that someone is trying to get to her, but they can't.

Review #4929 by Rapier
Written on May 6, 2005 (Read 689 times)
It's such a beautiful and sad song. I think I nearly creid when I first heard it. It seems that every Evansecene song I hear I instatnly love. What's not to love about them, huh?

Review #4826 by shattered_shards
Written on Apr 22, 2005 (Read 703 times)
when i listened to this song at first, i never paid much attention to it. but hen about a week or two ago, i listened to it more intently. when amy says: "can you hear me, can you feel me in your arms" there is some kind of guitar in the back ground that i find butiful. i know people dont like to pay much attention to what perple say on these things but i wish to make more frends from here. it would be nice to have sumone to talk to.


Review #4711 by .::Confidential::.
Written on Apr 4, 2005 (Read 700 times)
This song is amazing! It has reminded me of many things (which I shall not disclose). I have a favor to ask of all of you who sing along to the songs (I know there are more than me and my friend.). Please, just listen to the cd and don't sing. Only listen to the lyrics. Trust me, I have tried it and it has done wonders. For all of you "ravaged souls" out there, I recommend 'Tourniquet'.

Much Love,

Review #4356 by Le.Nouveau.Gothique
Written on Feb 9, 2005 (Read 754 times)
Hello Evanescence fans you rock and Evanescence
They rock,they are my life
I love Amy Lee
One of my Favourite songs are Fields of Innocence.

If you wanna love evanescence my hotmail is mydcmbrlp@hotmail.com

Evanescence forever


Review #3974 by mAlYcE iN wOnDeRlAnD
Written on Dec 30, 2004 (Read 861 times)
Heh, I just decided to review the song 'cause it's one of my favourites. Though this isn't my version of the video, I've heard another one quite extraodinary, and I've added a few to it, too. It has a very strong message, I believe.

Musical interlude: Amy Lee sitting in her desk. On the table sits her notebook, the page entitled "My Last Breath." She's struggling to think of lyrics. Just as the guitar gets heavy, she pics up everything of her desk and throws it, breaks it... She kicks everything, rips everything, and her room is trashed before the beginning starts.

"Hold on to me.. not afraid": She's sitting in the corner of her room with a picture in hand.. Her boyfriend, who she found out is cheating on her. She sits singing to it, her room a mess all around her. Also, there are flashes of her in a different room in the house, and she's standing, looking into a mirror.

"Can you hear me.. in your arms": A flash of her in the other room. She sees in the reflection, a little girl about the age of six and a boy a bit younger. They catch eye contact through the mirror and the children smile and run. Amy turns around and sees no one.

Chorus: She makes the transition, from both views/rooms, and she heads down the stairs. During "Are all my thoughts.." and so forth, she's already made it down, and she's peering into the next room, looking at her father (who again happens to be a lazy slob as in my interpretation of Breathe No More), singing those words to him as he sits watching TV. The house is a mess. She walks towards the TV and stands in front of it, a winter scene show casing. She touches the screen..

"I'll miss the winter.. can you find me": She's in the winter scence. She breathes a breath of cold air and looks around; the surroundings are beautiful. To her left is a forest and to the right is a stream-ish river. She decides to walk along the banks, inbetween. She hears laughing and turns to her left.. The little children again and they run, trying to hide from her. She runs into the forest, looks into a hollow tree, thinking maybe the younger boy is in there and when she realizes he's not, she turns, and sees the little girl sitting on the ground in front of her.

"I know you.. in your tears": The little girl sings this to Amy, and Amy joins in at "I can taste it in your tears"... A tear rolls down her face as she does, and the camera zooms into her eye, to show her back in her living room in front of the television.

Chorus: She runs into the kitchen nearby and opens every drawer, creating a bigger mess, and spills everything out. She's looking for something and she doesn't find it. At the guitar part, she runs upstairs and it shows flashes of her turning on the bathtub faucet and putting in the plug.

"Closing your eyes.. no one's there": She's singing toward the mirror, crying, as the tub fills up with cold water. Right after that one part ends, she punches it, breaks it, and her hand starts to bleed. Into the chorus, she holds her hurt hand and sits on the floor against the wall.

"Say goodnight.. fade to black": A flash of her in the winter world. She steps into the icy river and soon it is up to her waist. Amy looks at her reflection, and as "fade to black" rings out, a stone is thrown by the boy from behind her into her reflection, and the reflection dissipates away.

"Holding my last.. tonight": Amy in the bathroom once again. She's still sitting on the floor but now she gets up and starts to pace rather nervously. At "it ends here tonight" and the water already spilling out of the tub, she steps in (mind you, with her clothes on). Into the next chorus, at "Holding my last breath" now sung in the background, she goes under, never to resurface.

Background vocals/chorus: Amy Lee in the winter scene once again. The little children are still watching with awe behind her as she's still in the river, and she runs her hand through the water. Blood swishes around a cut. And then scene to Amy lying

Review #3682 by MEGAN
Written on Nov 22, 2004 (Read 970 times)
I LOVE evanescence.  I can hardly wait until their new CD comes out YEY!!!  Finally some new material to get addicted to.  Amy Lee is so hot man, she really uses her voice out on tha stage when she performs, I love how she's so original and not trying to sell her Cd's thru sex, like Britney Spears (that hoe).  She's hot all on her own.  I'd Muss her!!!! :D

Review #3564 by Rock geek
Written on Oct 22, 2004 (Read 1073 times)
I love evanescence so much my friends think i'm crazy. Amy has real talent her voice her music her lyrics the frist time i heard Bring me to life i was mesmerised i had to get it stright away.
Amy lee is my IDOL!!!!
I also like the way she dresses.

Review #3538 by Carrie
Written on Oct 14, 2004 (Read 1005 times)
Evanescence is one of my favorite artists ever. She IS my favorite artist ever. My sister gave me this cd and then a friend of mine tried giving me the same cd. I would have taken it, if my other sister wasn't there. E-mail me

Yours 4-ever


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