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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
9. Hello

Review #3511 by Sarah
Written on Oct 5, 2004 (Read 435 times)
I love the song 'hello' ive cried so many times and ice been inspired to write my own songs! ^^ Amy Lee has such an amazing voice, and makes songs more meaningful than britney spears or hilary duff would.  the lyrics are amazing and i cannot believe there is a song as good as this.  im serious!

Review #3500 by Linda
Written on Oct 4, 2004 (Read 421 times)
"Hello" is the best song written, ever! I`ve cried a hundred times, while listening to that song.. It`s so sad! Evanescence`s voice is moving mountains... How is it possible? I just love her and her songs! And I`ve been inspired to write my own songs ever since she came out with the album "fallen". I just wanna say thank you!

Review #3498 by Johnny B.
Written on Oct 3, 2004 (Read 396 times)
This song could move anyone to tears, it is truely that beautiful, and the fact that Amy Lee, the perfect female singing voice, is singing it makes it all the better. Amy, I love you and what you're doing with Evanescence. I was first turned on to you through my sister who let me listen to "My Immortal." After that I HAD to have your "Fallen" CD. When I aquired it, I heard this song and absolutly loved it, the only thing to move me to tears in a long time was this song. All of you keep up your near Godly work, I look forward to your next CD.

Review #3487 by Tara
Written on Sep 30, 2004 (Read 393 times)
Amy Lee,
The times i have had to go through were i think worse then dieing. I heard your song and my problems seem to shrink to little things. The song is the most inspiring i have ever heard. Ur voice is so beautiful and graceful. My grandmother and other family member died a few weeks ago nad i thought i would never get through it, u showed me that not only me had hard times and that i could express them through singing. I love you and wish i had something in my head that play this beutiful over and over agian when ever i have something to go through. U truly are the best and i wish i knew u!

Review #3410 by Asra
Written on Sep 12, 2004 (Read 464 times)
I have heard songs by Evanescence in the past, on television commercials, and in movies, but I had no idea they were by Evanescence.  I was surfing a friend's web site one day when I stumbled a link to 'Hello' by Evanescence.  Me being the curious person that I am and having heard the band name in the past, I clicked on the link.  I then heard one of the saddest songs I ever have heard in my life, and one of the most beautiful.  I listened to it at least 10 times, then when my friend called (different one, mind you,) I told him I just HAD to have the CD.  He had it, and he was totally willing to give(!) it to me, or at least loan it.  I accepted his offer, and after school, rushed home and popped this CD into the player, and switched to track #9.  I listened to this one song for a good half and hour, weeped for a good deal of the time, and I never did get tired of it.  I'm still not, as I sit listening and typing this review.  It is, in my opinion, the best song on the album, and it illustrates what Amy Lee can do with a slow, sad song, and not just rock songs ('Bring Me To Life', etc.)  The lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking (I had an experience like this myself when I was in the lower grades,) and the music is slow and genius.  All in all, this is one of the best songs Evanescence has ever written, and I dearly hope I can hear more of Amy Lee in the future.  Keep up the excellent and endearing work Evanescence.

Review #3400 by Bran 'Don
Written on Sep 10, 2004 (Read 455 times)
hey i'm black and i love evanescence i don't know what it is about this girl but she got vocals and even though i'm black and usually listen i am proud to say i'm feelen evanescence alot but any who this song is tight it even brought tears to this playas eyes i love this song. but uh i'll holla back at yall latez!!

Review #3397 by moo moo milk cow
Written on Sep 9, 2004 (Read 442 times)
to" steph" i am christian to. I am very regilous and still luv evanesance. And hello one of the songs is about how she wants to return to god.  Any way evry time i hear this song i cry and u do not have to be goth to like this.  So for ever christian gurl out there its ok to like themnone of the songs talk about anything apossing god.

Review #3394 by bebay
Written on Sep 8, 2004 (Read 440 times)
HELLO a song that is so fabulous,it really hunts my soul,it makes me feel so cool and it makes my mood so beautiful.Evertym i heard this song,it inspire me to be a singer soon.And everytym i heard this it makes me realize that life must go on.

Review #3386 by Ryan
Written on Sep 6, 2004 (Read 459 times)
All I have to say is that this one track alone is absolutely beautiful on so many different levels.  Amy Lee owns the most exquisite set of vocal cords that I have ever heard.  Not to mention the tone of song, in which, the dark pulsing beat perfectly compliments the angelic stylings of Ms. Lee.  A song that will not be forgotten anytime soon

Review #3365 by Tomo
Written on Sep 1, 2004 (Read 514 times)
Hi, there! I absolutely fell in love with Amy Lee when I first heard her extremely beautiful vocals on "Bring Me to Life" at the nearest record shop, it's impossible to count how many times I have listened to the song by far...
As some other people says, I guess that she is very talented person in describing thoughts being inside of her mind.
It's likely to take a little more time to understand what Amy wanna tell us well 'cause every lyric on Fallen album seems to be much deeper and then I need to read them again and again.
"Hello" is the most touching song for me, its melody is very very sad but often comforts me feeling alone so much!
After I had known this song, I found it clear that I wasn't the only one who had to get through some hard times in the life so I ought not to have escaped from the reality whatever it looked severe.
I'm still confused where to go from here I am though I never lose the hope of living 'cause Amy lighted a candle in me.
Finally, I would like to thank Amy Lee and other members in Evanescence for such an amazing music!


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