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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 04, 2003
9. Hello

Review #3616 by Stephanie
Written on Nov 5, 2004 (Read 389 times)
I have had this album for a long time and for one reason or another, I just never discovered this song.  Now I can't stop listening to it.  It is an addictions.  I love it.  It is amazing.  The piano is mezmerizing and the vocals are phenomenal.  The lyrics mean something different to everyone.  To me, the "voice" we hear is that of her mind, it is the persona that she presents to people to avoid getting hurt, she is the one that is "living. . .so you can hide"  I think it is the inner struggle of a girl tormented because she is not accepted for her authenticity.  God I love this song.

Review #3598 by Matjaz
Written on Nov 3, 2004 (Read 397 times)
I think this is the most beautifull song ive ever heard, well all the evanescence songs are the best ive heard in  my life!!!
Amy your voice is so great, everyone in the Evanescence team GREAT. Id give everything that i could meet you. Im listening Evanescence all the time, and i dont think ill get boored of it for all my life. Enjoy your life as much as you can, couse you deserve it!!!

Review #3587 by Goth_Girl
Written on Oct 31, 2004 (Read 350 times)
I luv this song. With Amy Lee's georgous and haunting voice, she can make ne1 understand nething about the hard facts of life. Alot of my friends think Evanescence is weird, but they havn't lead the life I have, AMy Lee can make me feel better cause she understands life.

Review #3577 by shadow
Written on Oct 29, 2004 (Read 329 times)
Amy Lee,
Your songs, especially "Hello" and "Bring Me To Life" have touched my soul. Thank you for the gift you have given everyone through your haunting and beautiful voice.

Review #3541 by claire
Written on Oct 15, 2004 (Read 405 times)
I no were you are coming from with this and i am sory that you went through that. this song gives me hope that things will get better thank you for realising it

Review #3530 by iary20
Written on Oct 11, 2004 (Read 410 times)
I reaally love Amy's Voice! its just so amazing. The first time Ive heard this song I almost creid of sadness. I want to listen to this song when Im down co'z it reminded me of Amy and she gives me inspiration. Thanks amy!

Review #3522 by Mohab
Written on Oct 9, 2004 (Read 420 times)
I heard this song about a million time since it was released, i never got bored of it,its amazing, but there is one thing i dont understand about the lyrics Is she talking about someone who died, or just her mind talkin about life in general, iam really confused !!!!!!

Review #3518 by Crashing down x3
Written on Oct 8, 2004 (Read 427 times)
Amy lee, you have a beautiful voice and sing about things that matter. Most singers sing about "how i got some" or "how I want some" , you sing about what really matters and not outer beauty. People like you are the ones other people should look up to for inspiration or strengh. You may not know me or them, but you help in so many ways that you could say are  "life saving".U song "Hello" helped me and i appreciate it so much, i have had hard times going through my life, but you and your songs helped me and let me listen to something i beleive in nad if you ever read this i jsut wnat to say "Thank You" in as many ways as possible. Keep doing what your doing beccuase it's the best thing thats been happeneing to me. <3 <3 <33

Review #3517 by lana
Written on Oct 8, 2004 (Read 433 times)
bring me to life is great whisper is wonderfull and ..... the whole cd is so great Amy lee express a  lot of HATE feelings that covers most of people but they can't express their feelings , the best thing the songs are not about I LOVE U U LOVE ME BLABLABLA coz all the songs now soo stupid and it's all about the girls boobs and asses .... & doesn't express shit!!
i think that amy it's not trying to show her physical beauty not like britny, hilary, jlo..... and soooooo on

Review #3516 by Jasmine Veal
Written on Oct 7, 2004 (Read 423 times)
This song is absolutely great but the thing that i really love about this song and the others is your damn voice. Your voice is mind blowing and helps me to get over the problems i have . Your voice has true power i never heard anyone like you and i dont think i will it cant be no one like u ur special. No one could sing like you have truly calm my soul when i felt nothing could thank you


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