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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 04, 2003
9. Hello

Review #855 by Unwanted Demon
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 4627 times)
possibly the best song i have ever heard. the depression song sooths my soul. not quite sure what the song is about. i think the person's wife or something passed away and his mind is talking to him.

Review #780 by Hilla
Written on Feb 1, 2004 (Read 4717 times)
I really love this song, the melody is just so beautiful and the lyrics are sad but pretty.. perfect!

Review #725 by Shame
Written on Jan 30, 2004 (Read 4779 times)
When I first heard thi ong i almot cried because this is the type of song i have been trying to find for my piano recitle its really beuitiful!!!!

Review #714 by Kylie S.
Written on Jan 29, 2004 (Read 4795 times)
I love this song! It's a GREAT slow song and I think it has alot of good meaning behind it! The words are so deep and truthful! Luv Ya'll


Review #703 by lauren h.
Written on Jan 29, 2004 (Read 4808 times)
this is the most borinest song i have ever heard!!! the lyrics are so dull! who wants to listen to music that makes you fell like yor life is a dark black misreable hloe, i mean gimme a flippin break!

Review #693 by catherine q
Written on Jan 29, 2004 (Read 4825 times)
Oh my god, this song is incredible,it really touched my heart,its so meaningful.I love evanescence they are beyond words!

Review #663 by Carly
Written on Jan 27, 2004 (Read 4878 times)
The song Hello is one that has the most impact on me.  I have been through a lot lately, and just when I thought things to get better, tragedy strikes again, and things start to just get worse from there.  I just lost a good friend of mine who was like a sister to me, from Limes Disease, and this song was played at her funeral and I just broke down and couldn't stop crying.  Evanescence is by far, the most amazing group of our time and they deserve all the best and nothing but the best.  I want to thank you guys for creating such a powerful yet beautiful cd because it has helped me get through the hard times.  You guys are truly amazing and I love you!!

Review #596 by mishka
Written on Jan 24, 2004 (Read 4957 times)
It's such an amazing track and it remainds me of my friend. It helps me to realise that one day she'll see through all the crap that screws her over and will start to live life as if it matters to her. :)

It was a bit sad not to hear this song live at the Perth concert but all the others were excellent.

Review #593 by Danna
Written on Jan 24, 2004 (Read 4957 times)
this song is very depressing because it relates to some of the things that have happened in mine and my friends lives.  I love this song.  I admire the type of music, and Amy's voice being a singer myself, this is the type of music I listen to when I am depressed!!

Review #584 by Invisible Man
Written on Jan 24, 2004 (Read 4978 times)
Here is what I think about as a listen to the haunting piano and violin that frames Amy's sweet but painful voice...

It is autumn. The Earth is slowing down, ready for the slumber and chill of winter.

Imagine yourself sitting quietly alone in the middle of a forest. The only sounds you hear are your breathing, a soft wind and the gentle flow of a nearby stream.

You watch as the tree you are sitting under lets go the final yellow leaf clinging to its branches. It falls into the stream and is slowly carried away.

You think about your 3-year old son.  You think about his sweet laughter.  You think about how his hair smelled the last time you held him. You think about the first time he called you "daddy."

He would have started school this year.  But now, his broken little body, ravaged by a hellish disease, is tucked away in his earthen tomb.

You think about how you tried in vain to hug the pain and disease from within him and absorb it into you.  The rage you feel from your powerlessness overwhelms you.

Dear Lord, have mercy upon my son.  I offer myself as a sacrifice. Please God, he's so little.  Please don't take him from me.

[silence from God.]

A warm tear trickles down your cheek and falls into the stream, chasing after the leaf.

You collapse to your knees, chest heaving in grief, fists pounding the ground.

You take the pistol you brought to relieve the unrelenting pain that tortures your every waking moment and that could take you to your son with single pull of a trigger...

[deep breath]

[deep breath]

You take the pistol and toss it in the stream.


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