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Fallen Fallen
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
9. Hello

Review #6230 by Julie LaBombard
Written on May 16, 2006 (Read 624 times)
The songs from their first albums ROCK! One of my favorites is "I Must Be Dreaming". Very intense, and beautifully written and sung. I wish they would re-release the old songs now. That would be awesome. I can't wait until their new album comes out October 3rd, it isn't soon enough if you ask me.

Review #6229 by The Next Ben Moody
Written on May 16, 2006 (Read 593 times)
Oh my god, this song is just -?- words cant describe how awesome this song is. i am a boy and i usually never cry, bet when i listen to this, i cry. This song is just so powerful, it really digs deep into your heart and soul. i think that Amy Lee did so good writing this song, sometimes i feel so bad listening to this song that i just want a hug from amy. the really wierd thig is, my baby sister - jamie, at the age of 4, sadly passed away. She died of lung cancer. Now, i totally know how amy feels about this song, it is so emotional. i always think about jamie when ever i listen to this song. i sometimes think that i hear her sing along when i listen to this song. This song is so buetiful, i love it so much.


Review #6226 by Jack Black
Written on May 13, 2006 (Read 528 times)
If i had to describe this song in only one word it would be pain. but sense i dont have to describe it in one word im going to elaborate, this song hauntingly beautiful in the fact that even if you dont know what this song is about you will still feel the chills from the pain in Amy Lee's voice. this song is absolutely the best song on Fallen because of the validity of what the song represents.... pain. the hurt that she is feeling hurts me. I shudder to think of what the next album has in stores if any of them have even half of the passion and pain and realness to them like Hello does, that album will be point blankly the best album of all time...

Review #6200 by James Gerstorff
Written on Apr 27, 2006 (Read 428 times)
I know it sounds like all of the other reviews, but I would have to say this is my absolute favorite Evanescence song of all time! I have listened to it so many times it skips real badly after the cello solo (which is the most beautiful part of the whole song)and that upset me so bad, so i went and bought a whole new Fallen CD just for that song! =D Amy Lee's voice is so haunting and I love it. What makes her so unique is in this song she can have a low mournful beautiful voice, and then a high siren like voice, and then in songs like Going Under, have a low raspy voice. She is so amazing in all her skills and I also think she is the HOTTEST female in the world, besides my girlfriend! =) This song meant to me, the first time I heard it, how she pictured it would be like if she died. No one would notice, no one would care. Which is often how I feel, and it would really inspire me. But then I found out that it was a dedication to her sister, who has passed, and now I pass this song off along with My Immortal to close friends of mine who have lost love ones. And it really helps them.    
           -The Terettes Kid (I don't really have terettes, I just act like it ;P  haha)

Review #6048 by Tex
Written on Feb 24, 2006 (Read 404 times)
I can partialy feel the pain from which she was inspired to write.

Review #6038 by Gwen
Written on Feb 20, 2006 (Read 392 times)
This song is haunting, slightly depressing, but above all it is beautiful.  Amy Lee's voice is pristine, full of passion, and moving.  The piano part fits the song without overpowering the vocals, and adds to the overall melancholy mood.  The emotion is so powerful throughout the entire piece that I nearly found myself in tears the first time I heard it.  Even without listening to what the lyrics are saying, the pain in Lee's voice is so evident that one can see the great feeling that went into the making of this song.  The lyrics further this deep, passionate mood.  I have heard that Lee wrote this song about her sister's death.  Although I didn't know about this or hear it in the song at first, it pops out at me now.  The emotions are such as many ordinary people experience at one point or another, but cannot express fully.  This song is a beautiful expression of Lee's pain and loss, and a beautiful piece in its own right.  Although it is hard to pick just one track, Hello is possibly the most memorable of Evanescence's songs.

Review #5913 by The Poet
Written on Nov 28, 2005 (Read 444 times)
Trina, that poem is AMAZING, I mean it is some of the best modern poetry i've seen

Review #5899 by Dante
Written on Nov 24, 2005 (Read 410 times)
Who knows how Bonnie died? Beaten, stabed, shot, ran over, or other?

Review #5844 by Faye
Written on Nov 4, 2005 (Read 411 times)
this song is one of the most preshus songs on fallen to amy lee coz it is deadicated to her dead sister. an it is the only song she has never preformed live

Review #5770 by Dante
Written on Oct 15, 2005 (Read 351 times)
I think there's a music video of this song on one of these websites I think it's Perfect Nightmare. But, I'm not sure so try not to get mad at me if there isn't.


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