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Fallen Fallen
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
9. Hello

Review #2188 by stephen
Written on Apr 23, 2004 (Read 2282 times)
hay i loooove this song e mail me amy i love you aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!by the way...thats not my channel...its my favorite channel.....mister dude.....YOU ROCK!!!!!!^-^

Review #2177 by jmss1326 Janine M
Written on Apr 23, 2004 (Read 2298 times)
This song is so great

Review #2136 by stephen
Written on Apr 19, 2004 (Read 2393 times)
amy if you reed this can you e-mail me as soon as possible i want to keep touch wit my favorite rocker.crossheidi@sbcglobal.net pleeze email me i lovr ur music so much. this song is like the best. i used to be all uptain bout things but now i not. thank you. uve shown me the reel side of who i m. a punk!!^_^ im usin my moms e-mail adress so bear wit me heer!!lol i think youre music is so amazing its unbeleivable. my name is stephen cross and i love yo music!!! i gotta go e mail me... U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!


Review #2133 by ile
Written on Apr 19, 2004 (Read 2402 times)
I think that this song ROCK!!! Also its one of the best songs from the album "Fallen". I really like the words in it and the melody, too.Its so sad and when I hear the song I am ready to cry. Thank you for making that great song!!!

                   I am looking for more    
                    songs like that one!!!
And thanks again!

Evanescence is the best.They are namber 1

Review #2112 by Rachel Dewey
Written on Apr 18, 2004 (Read 2426 times)
Hey Amy. I would have to say this is my favorite song on your CD. Celine Dion has pretty much been my favorite solo singer, but I can't get enough of this song! I'm going to an addition May 22 at a Wal*Mart in Carlinville, IL. Wish me luck! I'll be singing "Hello". I love the last line "Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping. Hello I'm still here all that's left of yesturday." I love hitting those high notes! I'm at a senoir level right now with my voice and I'm only 13 (14 June first of this year *2004! And I hope some day to become a famous compusor* just like you! Only I won't be as good as you! ~LOL~ I hope I even get to sing with you! What an honor. If you wouldn't mind mentining my name to an angent I'm Rachel Dewey from Gillespie, Illinois. I go to Gillespie Middle school. E-mail me at heavenonearth08@yahoo.com I want nothing else more than to sing. So please try to keep my name in mind. I'll make a demo for you if you want. just E-mail me and say the word. Buh bye Amy. You're so cooleyo. I've never had the pleasure of talking to a famous compusor* so this is such a big deal for me. Thankyou.

Review #2085 by stephen
Written on Apr 16, 2004 (Read 2479 times)
its me im steve the ione under me i love you amy lee youre so much bettah than the spice girls i love you ...o yah... this song is depressing.its makes me sad...that lil girl isnt breathing.........peace out my homiez!!!!!!!

Review #2084 by steve
Written on Apr 16, 2004 (Read 2479 times)
hi this song is so many different emotions to it. it make me feel like i can relate to someone.amy lee is the best women rocker ive ever known peace out!

Review #2028 by Sinai
Written on Apr 12, 2004 (Read 2601 times)
I love this song.  After the loss of my baby, I kept listening to this song just to get the pain and suffering out.  In a way, it's like therapy.  You cry 'till you can't anymore, and for some reason you feel better.  This song digs deep into the soul and finds a place that no one wants to go to.  A place of surpressed feelings.  A person tries so hard to forget, yet, it all comes back with a simple hello.

Review #2025 by StrawberryShortcakeLover
Written on Apr 12, 2004 (Read 2613 times)
This is the greatest song ever, It was played at my cousins funeral. And is now my favorite song. I love Evanesence, and all of there songs. In loving memory of Kevin Eral Vance, September 15, 1984- May 27, 2003, R.I.P

Review #2012 by diba
Written on Apr 11, 2004 (Read 2642 times)
me and my boyfriend have had a very nice time with it. we will never forget this song. thanks


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