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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
7. Imaginary

Review #7564 by me
Written on Jul 17, 2007 (Read 621 times)
this song sorta reminds me of myself in math class. i no....sound dumb huh???but...i like 2 space out and day dream in math evn tho i REALLY SHOULDNT(fake email)

Review #7510 by kookai
Written on May 15, 2007 (Read 645 times)
It's been 4 years yet i still keep listening to this song. I Live myself for hours, the Goddess of Imaginary Light.... I Love Evanescence..

Pls Listen to Snow White Queen it also rocks!!!

Review #7362 by bristolguyuk
Written on Jan 22, 2007 (Read 680 times)
what can i say apart from i love this song it rocks keep it up guys

Review #7361 by Nicole
Written on Jan 22, 2007 (Read 681 times)
This song is so incredible...the words paint the image in your head that you are walking in some sort of dream, with purple clouds and paper flowers. I love the symbolism, and the deeper meanings if you listen closley to the song. Though not a single song by Evanescence has dissapointed me, this one has risen above the rest, and I really enjoy listning to it.

Review #7322 by SoundofMyScreaming
Written on Jan 8, 2007 (Read 692 times)
The songs like being in a dream and "Alarm clocks screaming" is waking to find that the dreams weren't there and now you have to live. So you make up your own dream world where everythings fine and beautiful "i build my own world to escape". I hate waking up at realising it's not real so i continued my dream and it was all fine. For a while anyway until i realised that to get over something you have to live it.

Review #6720 by DFOB faN
Written on Aug 28, 2006 (Read 767 times)
grabe ndi q alam 2ng knta na 2 pero nung kinanta ng dfob band 2 na-inspire aq nagustuhan ko..galing mo che2x zamora..luv you ton2x garcia!!!galing mo andre ur d best!

Review #6375 by Paula
Written on Jun 4, 2006 (Read 806 times)
This song is the best! This song really completely describes me. I write songs in my spare time and I sing, but I could never write songs as good as this, or any of the Evanescence songs, and although I can sing, I could never sing as good as Amy Lee.

Review #6136 by EvanFreak
Written on Mar 26, 2006 (Read 837 times)
Just wanted to say this song is the best you will ever hear..... what i'm i saying all of evanescence song rooooooooooooooox!!!!!!!!!!!! so all the songs from evanescence is the best you will ever hear
p.s. any evanescence fans e-mail me cause i'm going to send you some cool videos of evanescence that you will never forget

Review #6135 by Dante
Written on Mar 26, 2006 (Read 839 times)
That's wierd. I heard it being played in the chorus (but it's kinda hard to hear over the guitar and Amy's rich vocals)

Review #6028 by Robert
Written on Feb 13, 2006 (Read 863 times)
Did anyone else notice how not only does Tourniquet kinda fade into this song, but also, when she's singing the "swallowed up in the sound of my screaming" verse, in the background there it sounds like it plays the stuff that was at the end of Tourniquet...or maybe it was only me...anyway, Evanescence rocks your mom, remember that.


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