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Fallen Fallen
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
5. Haunted

Review #480 by Amber
Written on Jan 19, 2004 (Read 3024 times)
I love evanesence.. especially Haunted.. Amy Lees voice is absolutly amazing and in this song it is just amazing..

Jake so lick someones balls..

Review #431 by Angel of Death
Written on Jan 16, 2004 (Read 3068 times)
Wow Evanescence really do rock the house with this song!! my sister who is 4 loves this song!!!
I love this song it excellent!!

Review #417 by mac
Written on Jan 16, 2004 (Read 3071 times)
awesome,really haunted.thats all i can say

Review #353 by Demon in my View
Written on Jan 11, 2004 (Read 3248 times)
I love this song! Its sooo awesome! And Jake your a f*cking jerk if you think this band sucks!

Review #346 by hunny
Written on Jan 11, 2004 (Read 3260 times)
love it! how could u not!! thats to u jake

Review #345 by babe
Written on Jan 11, 2004 (Read 3260 times)
great!jake ur crazy

Review #296 by Hunt
Written on Jan 8, 2004 (Read 3311 times)
is it just me, or after the first chorus do you guys hear 'flowers' ressembling the same notes from Imaginary???

Review #285 by Rage64
Written on Jan 8, 2004 (Read 3318 times)
I love Evanescense its the group i can listen to over and over and it never get boring

Review #254 by julian
Written on Jan 6, 2004 (Read 3340 times)
jake you're an asshole, because if you dont like the band,why do you even go to their website idiot !!!!
Evanescence rocks

Review #250 by heather
Written on Jan 4, 2004 (Read 3351 times)
i love this song. this best shows off evanescene's talent. its dark sounding but at the same time its rock. I love the music in this song!!!!! Jake kiss my a$$


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