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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
5. Haunted

Review #1648 by Velvet
Written on Mar 16, 2004 (Read 2061 times)
First of all, my name is really Velvet, not that it matters. I question the meaning of this song because I'm confused by the lyrics.
I'm not sure exactly what its about. I do know that Amy Lee has an enchanting voice that I would only expect to hear coming from an enchanted forest or something. Its deep and has dementions about it. Could someone please email me and tell me the meaning of the song.

Review #1579 by Dominique
Written on Mar 12, 2004 (Read 2153 times)
I LOVE EVANESCENCE! shes sooo tight I love this song Haunted...its all true about me! I wish i could sing then i could sing my poetry....but instead i'm making a poetry book.....FUN STUFF.

Review #1576 by Jose Ambrosio
Written on Mar 12, 2004 (Read 2157 times)
My favorite song from Evanescence is 'HELLO' I think Amy is hot Amy if you read this please marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #1566 by Brookey
Written on Mar 11, 2004 (Read 2172 times)
Evanesance Rules well its not my favorite band but its one of them. This song wat do you call it.... Explains most of our lifes mostly. And if u don't like this song your just messed up.

Review #1530 by ALEX'S GURL
Written on Mar 8, 2004 (Read 2236 times)
this song is off da chainz!for that fag jake only stupid people like you say shit like that.well evanescence is the best rock singer!P.s. to alex i love you & rock on!

Review #1386 by cameron
Written on Feb 29, 2004 (Read 2387 times)
This is the best cd ever!!!! I was in love with this band before it even came out!!!!! I know every song on this cd by heart!!! I love it sooooooo much and if u don't ur the craziest person alive!!!! Love ya peace out!!!! REMEBER EVANESCENCE  RRRRRRRROOOOOXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #1366 by Chris
Written on Feb 28, 2004 (Read 2408 times)
This song is awesome, I think it is their best song on the album, even if all of the songs are great.  It's so dark and creepy, I love it.  The music is great.  The lyrics are beautifully written,and I think that finally get the meaning of the lyrics.                                             Jake you are a fagg                

Review #1286 by katy
Written on Feb 25, 2004 (Read 2480 times)
you all suck evanessance rocks and you all don't i hate people who only like the songs on the radio, theres more to the band than that. buy the cd retards!!!

Review #1277 by Jess
Written on Feb 24, 2004 (Read 2485 times)
I love Haunted so much. Its like it can totally relate to some people who have had this feeling b4. When i first heard it I knew it was awesome! I love this song and every other song on the cd!

Review #1247 by jake
Written on Feb 23, 2004 (Read 2513 times)
just to let you know i dont know who this jake is who said that evanescence sucks,but my name is jake and i think evanescence f***ing rocks!if fact im listening to this song right now and i think it's one of the
best songs on the cd. i dont know how to explain it i just feel it, it moves me, all of the songs do the music and the lyrics go good with the music and to that fagot ass bitch jake i would know cuz i write songs and music to and evanescence does their cd


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