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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
4. My Immortal

Review #868 by Mackenzie B
Written on Feb 5, 2004 (Read 29373 times)
You have no idea how much of an effect this song has had on me. I heard this son way before it was released on the radio and it is one of those songs I sing in the shower, in my car, in my heart... in my soul.
As a 19 year old girl striving for excellence in her musical capabilities, I find it soothing to warm up my sessions and my heart by singing this song.
I wish you nothing but luck, success, and a lifetime of effecting people the way you have effected myself. Thank you for this song and another one, I am not sure of the title, but lyrics are as follows "dear my love haven't you wanted to be with me...". All my love, soul, passion, desire, and music,

Review #866 by lexi
Written on Feb 5, 2004 (Read 29468 times)
I absolutely loved this song! It is one of my favs! My Immortal is great. Keep it up!

Review #865 by karissa
Written on Feb 5, 2004 (Read 29483 times)
hey i love that song too. ever sense i heared i want to listen to it every single minute of the day. hehehe. well i love that song. n yea.....it does have a lot of emotion.

Review #862 by casandra
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 29765 times)
i think that this song gives alot of emotion and love towards every one!!!i loved it the first time i heard it. my sister thought evanesenc sucked and coud not sing wlli forced her to listen to songsof evanesenece and she loves her now!!!!!!!

Review #859 by Charlene Robinson
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 29935 times)
This song makes me think of so many things. Your entire CD makes me feel so much better, I listen to it every day. This song brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Rock on, and way to go.

Review #856 by Lauren
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 29983 times)
My immortal is a great song. i really like the radio version, but the real version rocks. the song is really emotional and has a lot of meaning. i hope that your next album will be a great as your first one was. keep up the rockin songs.  hope to see you guys on the charts in the years to come. good luck and rock on

Review #854 by Marta
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 30036 times)
Sei que não percebem português, mas acho que nada melhor que fazer como vocês fazem nas vossas canções - expressar o que me vai na alma da forma mais pura e simples....
Queria dizer-vos que esta canção toca bem fundo, porque + cedo ou + tarde se torna aplicavel à nossa vida!I LOVE YOUR MUSIc, THANKS!

Review #851 by Ever'elle
Written on Feb 4, 2004 (Read 30117 times)
Dearest Evanescence,

Many people love you, some hate you,few dont even know who you are, but i can say my best friend have been recently under alot of depression and problems that she has found...so hard, she never told me or any one for that matter until we saw loads of cuts on her wrist so we decided to really help, but listening to my immortal has just made us think alot, and mostly her, i brought her the album for her birthday and she never came away from the cd player for like, a week , she is so much better and is actually smiling again, and i am so so happy and i really think it wasnt us it was the music, the music pulled her ina nd made her see there is more to life that the dark side, wake up from the death and open your eyes to the light, and that was exactly what she had done. So thank you from us all, her family and friends and everyone who loves you. You guys are so cool

Sincerly in dept;
Ever'elle Evan'star.
of New Zealand,

ps: your concert in New Zealnd was so cool,
thanks again....

Review #849 by Whit
Written on Feb 3, 2004 (Read 30172 times)
My gosh, i love this song! every time i hear it i cry! this totally relates to my life... amy lee is such a great singer and she so totally makes this song come to life... this is the best song i have ever heard. keep up the great songs cuz u r doing a great job!!

Review #847 by Aaron Burry
Written on Feb 3, 2004 (Read 30199 times)
hey hey ppl i love this song it makes me cry. lol. that may sound pans but, its our grad song for the dance with the parents, and its soooooo sad cuz it reminds me of me and my mom.  anyway i hope using that song wont get my grad into trouble lol.

P.S keep up the good songs. :)

Aaron T. Burry

Review #846 by Meghan
Written on Feb 3, 2004 (Read 30202 times)
Oh man. This song is SO beautiful. Every time I hear it I get chills. I am learning the piano part by ear and doing well so far. It's a hauntingly beautiful song and I can't get it out of my head...


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