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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
4. My Immortal

Review #1213 by Alyssa
Written on Feb 21, 2004 (Read 23437 times)
Wow, this song reminds me of me..

Review #1212 by nemo
Written on Feb 21, 2004 (Read 23483 times)
i think that this song is awesome. when u listen to it u get this feeling that takes over ur whole body. ive been having a lot of trouble in my life and these songs that she sings just bring me back away from teh edge sometimes. thanks!!

Review #1211 by Sammi
Written on Feb 21, 2004 (Read 23539 times)
Hey, this is a great song. The lyrics are so deep. I love how Amy just expresses herself so well through her music. Makes you wanna be like her. lol.

Review #1203 by thiago
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23599 times)
Men,what a song! to be honest all the songs are wonderful but this one is special,I can't even find words to express my self while I'm listeing it I just close my eyes and travel from nowhere to everywhere,know what I mean??? And please someone who can talk with the band tell them to drop by brazil to make a concert lots of people would love including me!

Review #1199 by luciouslipz
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23640 times)
"My Immortal" is such a great song. I heard bring me to life a couple times and i liked it and then i heard "My Immortal" and i thought WOW this is a really good band. now everytime i hear any song on the cd i tell everyone in the room to shut up.

Review #1196 by monkee-noodle
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23682 times)
this song is so flippin boring you guys are all wierd if you like this song!!!!!

Review #1192 by Natalie
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23707 times)
my immortal is such an awesome song! It's really deep and emotional and it is a song that people can relate to. I think when people who are having tough times hear songs like this one (especially this one) they sit and think "hey someone actually knows what i am going through" and it makes them have hope. Because i know whenever im sad i put on my immortal it helps me get through it. i love evanescence so much. im glad to see there are still some bands out there who are completly real and dont go around pretending to be something they aren't just for publicity. (i.e. britney spears! *slut*) anyway... evanescence you rock thanks for giving kids something to relate to!!

Review #1191 by Kendra
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23713 times)
When I first heard "Bring Me To Life" I wasn't really sure if Evanescence was a really good band or not.  But after hearing "My Immortal," I knew I would love this band until the day I died.  In 2003, I had 2 grandfathers die of cancer and lung disease, 4 friends die, 3 in a car crash while drag-racing and 1 suicide, and an my favorite teacher die of a heart attack.  "My Immortal" has helped me cope with the loss of my loved ones and made me realize that life can go on, if you let it.  My favorite part about the song is that you could have a totally different problem than what the lyrics describe, but some where in the music, you can find a place that it feels like the song is about your life.  I would just like to say thank you to Evanescence for showing me that I can deal.

Review #1189 by Gothik Dead beat soul
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23755 times)
Oh my god! I LOVE this song. I LOVE the group. They have such nice voices and the words to their songs are intelligent!  The other day, i saw a tv report on evanescence. She was talking about how musuc is fallin apart. Like britney for example! she doesnt have a good voice, so she strippes. she is such a HORE! evanescence is the best group ever!!!!!!

Review #1186 by *Cally*
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 23768 times)
hey~ I already knew all the songs on Fallen and Origin by heart...and I was a little sad that they had only had 1 hit (Bring Me To Life)But then one night I was listenin to the radio and it came on. At first I couldn't register what I heard, but then it sank in and I was screaming OMYGOD OMYGOD OMYGOD and saying to every one in my house "OMYGOD EVERYONE SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!!  not that they had much of a choice cuz it was up so loud...tehehe. Good thing my whole family likes them....Wel anyway, I still get just as excited every time they play it...it's such an awesome song.


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