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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
4. My Immortal

Review #1791 by Chelsea Bardoul
Written on Mar 24, 2004 (Read 13534 times)
Hey. I'm not too sure that the Evanescence is really reading this right now, considering that famous people have busy, busy lives; so somebody else is pretending to be her. I'm not sure how it works out, but I'm still inlove with her music no matter what. This song relates to my life on so many different levels! The first time I heard this song it kind of scared me, because it was like as if Evanescence had read my mind and put my thoughts into a song....It might sound kind of stupid, but it is really true. My bestfriend got my hooked on this song, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't hear it; wheather it be humming it, singing it, or actually listening to the song itself. I love her music, it is the best. Evanescence is one of my favourite singers. She doesn't care what people think of her music. If she likes it, then it's good. I don't try to dress up like evanescence or try and stock her, because I don't want to be like her. I want to be like me. As much as I like evanescence, i don't want to go over the obsesion limit. She's awesome. She's great.....gotta love her songs....my fave MY IMMORTAL!#1!!.....peace

Review #1786 by Matthew Higgins
Written on Mar 24, 2004 (Read 13616 times)
i love this song soo much out of all your songs i think this one is the best. it makes me think of the times when i couldn't do something and then accomplished. my favorite song at first was "Going Under" on now dvd. now i idmier this song. thanks evenescence!!!

Review #1785 by Mirinda
Written on Mar 24, 2004 (Read 13633 times)
Me and my boyfriend broke up because I was moving out of state.  We had plans to get back together in about a month or so.  He got a girlfriends before I got to talk to him so I listen to this song everyday before and after I go to school.  Everytime I talk to him I am playing this song and I told him that it reminds me of him and I.  I love this song. I could listen to it all day and all night.  My mom loves it, my stepdad loves it and so does my sisters.

Review #1784 by caleb
Written on Mar 24, 2004 (Read 13659 times)
hey this song is a really good song it reminds me of my bro when he die when i was little just some of the parts in it makes me think of him and how he help me out though those years b4 he die it brings chills to me when i listen to it its a very very good song

Review #1780 by michelle
Written on Mar 24, 2004 (Read 13700 times)

This song means so much to me. I started to listen to it when i broke up with my fiance this past christmas. When i listen to this song i think of how his presence is still here. I did everything for him and now that he is no longer in my life the only way i can make his presence leave is by listening to this awesome song. Thanks Evanescence for making another wonderful song that i can relate to. You guys are so cool.

Review #1778 by Sarah
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 13790 times)
I Love the Song "My Immortal" that evanescence beautifuly wrote. i could just listen to this song all day, in fact i am listening to it right now. it's so beautiful. and when my best friend was going in to surgery, she had the nervs you know. but she said that this song came on the radio, and suddenly she felt at ease. this is truly a beautifuly writen song.

Review #1777 by Anonomous
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 13890 times)
I love their cd so much and my mom is just going crazy over it and made me get the lyrics for my immotal

Review #1773 by ozlem
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 14058 times)
i love this song wery much but the others isn't good and you are so fat

Review #1770 by allana bedal
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 13899 times)
i really love this song my mom is dead now im only 12 and  go to music and some parts make me think about my mom i did a lought 4 her i was like her mom but this song helps me i love it

Review #1769 by dogan
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 13907 times)
i have never heard such a nice song..it takes my heart away evey time i listen...and i write this kind of songs...and i would like to hear one of them being played by evanescence..u absolutely good:)and what a voice is it...just go on.. u r the top..and never leave it.;)


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