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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
4. My Immortal

Review #2956 by Kris
Written on Jul 15, 2004 (Read 883 times)
This song is horribly depressing yet beautiful at the same time. My best friend was killed and everytime I hear this song I cry. But, it's still one of my favorite songs.

Review #2916 by deedee
Written on Jul 11, 2004 (Read 1021 times)
I love this song I first herd this song at one of my colorguard shows because thats what I do for Valley View High School and its fun and for one of our shows we had to go to hayward and thats when iI herd it another school was doing there show to this song and thats when I feel in love with it now I cant stop playing the song.

Review #2908 by Eleanor
Written on Jul 10, 2004 (Read 1009 times)
I was suspicious about Evanescence because I didn't like Bring me to life much but My Immortal touched me deeply. Now I listen to Evanescence a lot. It feels like most of the songs where about my emotions. My Immortal reminds me about my former boyfriend who also likes the song. He left me but I still love him and hope he forgives me my mistakes. When I was very sad my cousin played My Immortal by piano and made me feel better. Since that I've been playing it myself. The song often makes me cry but I love to play and listen to it.

Review #2886 by Crashinbeautie
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 1051 times)
Back when i first heard this song, I thought it was pretty good, but I didn't have the emotional, spiritual change that everyone else seems to have had.  I just thought it sounded good.  Until this past spring.  I was away at college when I received news that one of my close friend's serious boyfriend was killed in a car accident.  This song was played at his funeral.  No one could listen to this song for quite some time, but now I know it has and always will have a lot of meaning to all of us.  This is an amazing song, no matter what anyone says about it!

Review #2885 by courtney f
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 1032 times)
I love this song it is so powerful it makes me feel so many emotions all at once amy's voice is so clear and strong when the band backs her up they all sound amazing when im down i just let this song carry me away from the real world for a short time EVANESSANCE U ROCK

Review #2881 by Lauren
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 1037 times)
THIS SONG IS THE BEST AND MEANINGFUL it really is awesome i did it at dance competition for a lyrical dance and won cause the emotion and everything i love it so much i just bought the cd and will never forget it!!! make more

Review #2878 by marie
Written on Jul 5, 2004 (Read 1026 times)
My father passed away when I was 16 and I can really relate to the lyrics in this song. I cry whenever i hear it, because it is like someone else is singing about the feelings i have about my immortal... my dad. It is a very meaningful song, sung with a lot of emotion and the lyrics speak so much truth for anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

Review #2850 by Kristi
Written on Jul 2, 2004 (Read 1113 times)
I heard this song today basically by accident while flipping through Yahoo radio stations.  I like evanesence anyway so I listened and after I heard the first verse the tears would not stop as it reminds me of my Husband who isn't dead but my soulmate nonetheless....1 word fabulous.

Review #2834 by Travis
Written on Jun 29, 2004 (Read 1252 times)
I have to say this song is simply amazing. The flowing blend of Amy's voice with the piano is phenominal. I like the rock version the best, (the one with the band) because it gives the end of the song an excellent, powerful, beautiful finale. You guy's rock!

Review #2833 by Rebecca
Written on Jun 29, 2004 (Read 1253 times)
I know it is highly unlikely that this will get read at all, but I still had to put in my thoughts of My Immortal. It was about two weeks ago, and I wanted to try out for the Talent Show. I am pretty sure I have a reasonable voice, and won't crack any glass, so I decided to try out, singing My Immortal with my friend, Kaitlin. After the first verse they said that the people would be posted later. I cursed my own stupidity for trying out at all, and forgot about it. A day or two later, I found that me and my friend had made the Talent Show. Sadly, that afternoon we also discovered that all singing and dancing acts must go through one more try out. We were going to do that together as well, but disagreed on the song we were doing (I wanted to redo My Immortal, and she wanted to sing Alica Keys, Fallin) and went our own ways for the last try out. My friends were on the stage, painting for grad decorations (we're graduating this year) and we subtly listening to the try outs. After the first two lines of the song, the was told to stop because I was giving a teacher the chills, the good kind. I found out a few days later that I had made the Talent Show by myself.

At the Talent Show, I was ready to fall on my knees and cry to the heavens I was so terrified. I had done a school play earlier in the year, but that is was different than singing in front of the whole school, by yourself. I went up with my legs shaking, and was wiping at my eye, trying to hide my face. I started singing, and the gym got really quiet. I messed up the words twice, and it sounded out of tune to me, but afterwords everyone said they loved it. Some teachers said I was awesome, and they would be watching for me on Canadian Idol. I rolled my eyes, convinced the performance was a wreck.

Later that week, I went to the school on the last day, at the end of the day, to pick up Kaitlin's sister with her. Some of the kids started talking to me, asking me who died in my family. When I told them no one, they looked confused. Then one of the little boys told me that everyone had thought some one in my family had died, and I had written the song and sung it for them. As it turned out, they thought my eye-wiping-of-bashfullness were tears, and I was crying. I told them that I hadn't written the song, werely smeared the name my singing it. That nearly earned my a slap from Kaitlin, who is a big Evanescence fan, like myself.

I just thought that may be an interesting story, though very long. See you, and good job Amy Lee, as well as the rest of Evanescence!


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