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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
3. Everybody's Fool

Review #3285 by KaItLyN
Written on Aug 19, 2004 (Read 787 times)
This song can deffinately relate to more than alot of people who listen to it..Evanesence speaks the truth..nothing more, nothin less..congrats Evanesence..im done pretending, because of you

Review #3279 by jasen
Written on Aug 17, 2004 (Read 741 times)
ithink that its cool and i understand she must be talking about a boy wen she says"i know who you are and i dont love you anymore" and"you dont know how you betrayed me"

Review #3260 by Madison rennee
Written on Aug 14, 2004 (Read 750 times)
Hey there, it's me Madison. I live in iceland. I love evanescence because they speek the truth. alot of people now days act like someone there not. Like for example amy lee is obviously telling a storie about a girl who was ackting like a person she is not and another girl knew that and she was telling evryone who the person realy was and no one beleived her and then thought about and said hey she's right and that's why i love this song. LOVE YOU GUY"S

Review #3228 by prisci
Written on Aug 9, 2004 (Read 814 times)
this is the best song that i can`t hear ok my favorite three songs are my immortal, bring me to life and everybody`s fool.
Ey gente tmb en español c puede este grupo es lo mejor...!

Review #3210 by Shelly
Written on Aug 8, 2004 (Read 737 times)
There are many out there that produce songs to highlight the way the world is today. But it isn't speaking on a whole, it is speaking to every single person, there are so many that paint themselves a picture of perfection in the hands of popularity, false-hood and denial of one's true self. There is so much resentment out there that it is really saddening how people twist themselves sometimes to be something they are not. There are so many ways to get by in the world, and pretending is not one of them. This song talks about how one becomes everybody's fool when they are behind an obvious mask and endeavouring to the point where they are more obviously insecure. They get the short end of the stick, and all eyes are on them as they peel away the mask and reveal their true selves. Where will the respect lie when they went to such lengths to hide themselves in the first place? Some of the pop culture of today is so materialistic, dealing with issues that are truly meaningless. There is more to life than sex, make up and cars. There's getting to know yourself regardless of what everyone else thinks. It's believing you will be strong enough to brave whatever is thrown at you, but at the same time strong enough to cry,grieve and admit to that. This song is the best I have heard, and went directly to a point alot of people fail to make. I think it is a brilliant song, and deals with a truly important issue. I know that Evanescence will continue to produce good, meaningful songs like this one and I am looking forward to their next album.

Review #3169 by Ashley
Written on Aug 4, 2004 (Read 720 times)
This song is so awesome this is my most faverite song in the whole wide world I love this song!

Review #3158 by maria castro sousa e mello
Written on Aug 4, 2004 (Read 701 times)
I saw you in rock in rio... and you are amesing... i love your concert in portugal... good luck

Review #3147 by Freddy Ferrrer
Written on Aug 3, 2004 (Read 645 times)
Right on Bud...You tell them!!!!!! I totally support that man!!!!
If anyone have a fucking problem with evanescence specially Amy Lee, You are more than welcome to go and fuck your Mother. Did anyone heard me???????????? No one, but no one mess with Evanescence.  GO GOTHIC MUSIC!!!!!!

Review #3146 by Delnia
Written on Aug 3, 2004 (Read 626 times)
 This has got to be one of their best songs on Fallen simply because it describes how life is today with everyone trying to be what they are not.  Amy Lee has one of the most beautiful female voices of 2003 and 2004 combine.  The music is beautiful and goes perfectly with the lyrics, and I can't wait until their next CD comes out.

Review #3125 by xX I heart amylee Xx
Written on Aug 1, 2004 (Read 647 times)
This song is completely and utterly true. alot of people feel like this sometimes when they are depressed, and I from experience know what this song is about, and how it feels to be everybody's fool.


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