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Fallen Fallen
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Tuesday, March 04, 2003
3. Everybody's Fool

Review #2377 by Melinda (again)
Written on May 6, 2004 (Read 2328 times)
its me again! hehe i just wanted 2 say that who ever laurenny ah is u r such a jerk! if u think hillery duff is better than amy lee then u have got problems!

Review #2376 by Melinda
Written on May 6, 2004 (Read 2328 times)
i LOVE this song! i think amy lee has such a beautiful voice! my friends and i started an "evanescence club" we love u amy lee!

Review #2347 by LAURENNYAH
Written on May 5, 2004 (Read 2362 times)

Review #2225 by Dark Angel
Written on Apr 25, 2004 (Read 2566 times)
Okay, The Guitar in this song is amazing I can sorta play it but i need some work! lol anyway! ROCK ON AMY!!!!

Review #2176 by Fiona
Written on Apr 23, 2004 (Read 2616 times)
this electric guitar in this song is amazing, these guys really know how rock. i think that amy is singing about superficial,fake people, like celebrities, sure evanescence is not the most gorgeous group in the world but they have meaning, they try to give a message, and thats way better than being pretty. plus, oyu shouldn't lie, be true to yourslef and people will respect you for that, and you'll have more confidence I LOVE EVERYBODY'S FOOL!!

Review #2138 by evanescence
Written on Apr 19, 2004 (Read 2683 times)
i luv this song it is the like best song on her cd iluv it if i could i would show this song to the whole planet this is the best song from the whole bands songs it makes me think that it is talking about sumone who like thinks that everybody will listen to her and do wat she says and she thinks that everyone luvs her and the girl in the song sees wat she really is and i understand that situation ive had it this is the most awesome song i have heard and i  would  do anything besided sumthin really stupid to hear it it is so awesome seriouslyeveryone should listen to it

Review #2105 by Carly
Written on Apr 18, 2004 (Read 2736 times)
I love this song! Mainly because I think it's talking about "the Man" If you've seen the movie "school of rock" you'll know what I'm talking about...but if you haven't I'll try to explain it-"the man" isn't really just 1 person, it's more like a group of people...the group that everyone wants to be...the group that sets the trends ect. I think that this song is saying that "the man" is only destroying himself by putting on a mask...a mask that hides it's true self and it's true emotions.

Review #2068 by Kate
Written on Apr 16, 2004 (Read 2777 times)
I love this song I only statred liking this band since my friend introduced me 2 them and I loved ''My Immortal'' and I love thius song as well there songs are addictive and are written so well.

Review #2021 by Destiny
Written on Apr 11, 2004 (Read 2849 times)
I kinda agree with what the below review said about the anti-christ. I think the song was writen to be interpreted however u wanted to be. It could be about old yeller for all anyone knows! Bit the song is the best ive ever heard and i hope amy and the band release another album cuz i'll definitly buy it!

Review #1994 by anabel rodriguez
Written on Apr 9, 2004 (Read 2902 times)
i'm pretty sure this song's about the anti-christ, here's my proof from bible knowledge.
"perfect by nature"-is how the antichrist will seem to everyone.
"look here SHE comes now"-SHE meaning evil, the antichrist.
"bow down and stare in wonder"-is how people will want to react his the antichrist fake greatness.
"oh how we love you"-refers to how easy evil is to do and love, and how the antichrist will seem lovable as well.
"no flaws when your pretending"-in the bible it says that the anitchirst will pretend to be great and his lies will have no flaws. no one will detect his lies but those who believe in christ.
"you don't know how you've betrayed me"-means that she(amy) could have once been involved with evil but now that she knows the truth, God, she feels betrayed by the antichrist.
"i know the truth now"-she(amy)now knows about God, the truth.
"i know who You are"-You meaning the antichrist.
"and i don't love you anymore"-refers to amy not loving sin(the antichrist)anymore.
"you're not real and you can't save me"- means that since the antichrist will be a fake,not real, the antichrist won't be able to save her(amy).
"somehow now you're everybody's fool"-that somehow, although christ died for us, everyone doesn't believe in Him and has become fooled by the antichrist.
this is basically my belief on what the lyrics mean. a reason why i don't believe it talks about Jesus is because the song refers to a SHE(SHE never was and never will be)and also refers to an it ("it never was and never will be"). if it would have been Jesus, then the lyrics would say he, but it doesn't. then again, only amy knows here real intentions and meaning of the song. another reason why i believe this song is about God is becasue other songs like Bring me to Life talk clearly about God, and i don't think amy would want to contradict herself! but i love evanscence's music and i believe they're really talented.i specially like the piano applications to the songs, since i play piano myself. i pray God blesses your group!


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