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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
2. Bring Me To Life

Review #2995 by jep
Written on Jul 22, 2004 (Read 650 times)
This song bring me to life is like telling the feelings of men after the Rapture account. It expresses the feeling of nothingness after man, the whole humanity, lost his connection with his ultimate source or from his origin. Now he, humanity, experiencing the harshness of being separated from the source, he wants to be resurected again! He address his source to BRING HIM TO LIFE!

Review #2983 by raluca
Written on Jul 19, 2004 (Read 700 times)
Hey all!! I'm from Romania too..lol..finally, i'm not the only one :)). So, I'm an Evanescence freak (what's new) since i first heard their first single (which was filmed in Romania :PP) and now i have tones of pictures and every songs they've played..anywhere....:))...all acoustic versions, live ones, concert, bla bla...:))..and i also started a band; we were supose to sing evanescence songs :D but let's not get into details, lol. Anyways, I'm a total freak ..i got all my friends to listen to Ev too :))...and they say i'm obsessed with them (especially with Amy)...a test said that i'm so obsessed with Amy that i even think i'm her, lol...i guess it's true...Her voice is THE BEST...oh well...i'm gonna stop now 'cause i'm never gonna finish if i go on like this...so..if u like ev and maybe you're from romania contact me ;)

Review #2955 by Kris
Written on Jul 15, 2004 (Read 797 times)
this song, to me, symbolizes finding something or someone so awesome that you just can't describe how it makes you feel.... and that's what makes this song incredible.

Review #2913 by romio
Written on Jul 11, 2004 (Read 872 times)
  very nice and powerful song realy i like that typ of songs and my imortal too hope to listen to more songs like this typ soon

Review #2901 by hannah
Written on Jul 9, 2004 (Read 910 times)
i really really love the whole cd. thats really what i am reviewing. The cd is pretty magical i think it can change your mood almost the second you press play. i got the cd for my birthday and was so happy i fell out of my chair. for awhile it was the only cd i would listen to. i felt that they were better than any one else out there. so i listened and listened and i loved it more everyday. i know every song by heart and can recite it on command.lol but seriuosly i love thier music. its very power full and it makes you think. i am an espiring singer and when asked what songs i would do on my demo i came up with a list almost completly devoted to evanescence. when asked what kind of music i would sing i said a michell branch, christina aguleria, evanescence. i want it to be light, ariy, heavy, powerful, and, soulful. i really love them and was destroyed when i couldnt go to their concert but i got over it with the promise of going to the next one hahahahahah!!!!! anyway thanks for reading byebye

Review #2884 by Sony
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 969 times)
I'm from Romania, Timisoara
I'm a big Evanescence fan, I listen every day her songs, and I always sing her songs under the shower, can't help it. She's the best ever. I lost my words :) That's all 4 the moment
Peace too all

Review #2880 by Evanescencefreak
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 944 times)
Ok, i am ThE evanescence freak, im always listening to them wheneva im on the computer and im AlWaYs on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im evan listeing to them right now
20 ways y im an evanescence freak:
1. i listen to dem day, even when mi parents ask if ive officially listened to dis cd enuf which ofcourse i havent
2. i got mi evanescence site
3. i us have a special icon on the computer so i can reach a page where i put alot of the links where even evaescence in mentioned
4. im taking the time to make a list of 20 reasons
5. turned gothic/sk8er becuz of dem
6. ruined mi computer in mi room bc i saved to many evanescence pictures into it
7. i can not even realize it n i start writing the lyrics to their songs on 'fallen'
8. i subscribed to dis site for burning cds n i get 100 cds sent every 4 months n practically every year i use them to burn maybe half of that 100 for evanescence times not to mention dat meants i get 300 cds a year
9. when i move from this howse you can bet im gna need a extra moving truck for mi evanescence shrine
10. i wash mi evanescence shirts on a daily bases every 2 days bc i keep wearing them (lol)
11. sing there song hello on a daily bases in the shower
12. always have their song in mi head
13. wheneva in the car i have mi headfones on at the loudest volume and always have Evanescence on
14. ask every1 i no if they lyk evanescence
15. mi parents say daily 'how many times do u think u listen to dat cd in a day' n i jus
dont answer bc i cant count it all.
16. since i listen to dem to much even mi brainless dad knows all the lyrics to going under, taking over me, and whisper
17. persuade mi prep friends to kme ova my howse where we listen to evenescence every day
18. been to most of the concerts in the usa
19. wrote to the fan mail base 3 times a day dat i wouldnt be suprised it i whasted over 1000 stamps a year writin to dem
20. every time i have music channels r on n i hear broken i record it

ok i was heading for listing AtLeAsT 50 but i need to add more pictures  and articles to my evanescence site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #2879 by Justine
Written on Jul 6, 2004 (Read 945 times)
i LOVE this song, i can't enfisize that enough.  it's so passionate and Paul McCoy is excellent i think this is one of the few songs i would, if i had to, listen to the rest of my life.  sounds cheezy but it's true.  i just think that Paul's part in this makes this song extremely extrodinary which matches the rest of the song perfectly.

Review #2843 by Melania
Written on Jul 1, 2004 (Read 1077 times)
Excuse me but I come from Italy and I'll make mistakes with English.... I would say that since I've heard Evanescence I felt like home... With these words and this music I can think to nothing except my soul... I want to thank Amy 'cause her voice is so beautiful.... (I hope to see one of your concerts!).... With Evanescence I learnt why the music was created.
Thank you all

Review #2842 by dark death
Written on Jun 30, 2004 (Read 1071 times)
 i really like your music.  it helped through a lot of shit.  if it wasn't for you i would have been trapped inside a dark world of anger and saddness.  a lot of people make fun of me and abominate me just for being gothic.  i probably wouldn't have made it to were i am now if it wasn't for you.  thank you and great job on your music!  and those crappy suckers who hate your music must be those kind of immature pieces of shit that need to get a life because obviously they don't have one.


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