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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
2. Bring Me To Life

Review #1260 by gaius
Written on Feb 24, 2004 (Read 8707 times)
first time i heard evanescence i fel in luv with it.......the best i heard so far

Review #1246 by Brandy
Written on Feb 23, 2004 (Read 8760 times)
I really like this song cause I could relate it to me and my sick sad life. When I meet my the guy that I love he brought me to life I guess you could said cause he made me feel like I was alive and that there is life out there in this big sucky world But all that ia gone again.

Review #1242 by amy's boyfriend (yeah right)
Written on Feb 23, 2004 (Read 8778 times)
Evanescence is awesome!  I first heard this song on the radio and loved it.  Since then I've heard other ones like 'My Immortal' that are even better.  I really want to buy Fallen.  It's great to have good rock music combined with the voice of someone like Amy Lee (who btw is HOT, despite some pics on this site).

Ever looked up evanescence in the dictionary?  It's a real word and the meaning fits the group.  Once again, Evanescence is awesome!!!

Review #1210 by Sammi
Written on Feb 21, 2004 (Read 8941 times)
Hey, Im into all different kinds of music. More punk then nething. But, when this song first came out I was loving it! When the CD came out I went out and bought it! Hellz Yeah!

Review #1202 by olga
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 8965 times)
this song is so cool i mean its just
fits my personality its just to perfect

Review #1200 by not imprtant
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 8972 times)
this song is awsome the lyrics to rele do mean something  and it has a pretty catchy tune so if uve never heard HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!! and buy the CD TODAY !!!!!!!!!!i promise u wont regret it

Review #1193 by Natalie
Written on Feb 20, 2004 (Read 8995 times)
"bring me to life" is a really cool song. It's one of those songs that no matter how much i listen to it i never get sick of it! I love just sitting in the dark and listening to their whole album...its definatly one of a kind.

Review #1179 by josh
Written on Feb 19, 2004 (Read 9067 times)
I was driving to work one morning and this song came on, I was feeling depressed about myself, hearing this song made it so much better.  This song explains myself to me so much better, if that makes any sense at all.  Anyway I love the song and I still listen to it everyday and it kinda helps me get from day to day.  Thanks.

Review #1147 by esha
Written on Feb 17, 2004 (Read 9251 times)
i think that this song is the best song in the world! i wasn't into rock/pop songs in the beginning,(i didn't even know who evanescence was) but because of this song i like all of them. the video is off the hook, too!

Review #1145 by Mary
Written on Feb 17, 2004 (Read 9260 times)
I love the way Evanescence came out of no where, yet is so popular! All of the songs are so awesome! The beat, and lyrics are everything that should be in a great song! I love dancing to all of them. I hope Evanescence around for a long time, and make lots of albums.


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