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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
1. Going Under

Review #5451 by Trina
Written on Aug 5, 2005 (Read 629 times)
Hi. i'm an Evanescence fan! I just want to thank Amy Lee for inspiring me to write poems and sharing it with others. I also write from the heart and I hope it brings some depth or meaning to you. I want to touch people's hearts just like Amy did. Please e-mail me if you have any comments. Thank you!

Going under:
You broke your promise
And made me bleed.
So far away
You couldn't see me.
The dark intentions,
the troubles around me
things have been mentioned
upon your decree.
I have to get up
And face the light.
I will no longer be forsaken,
I will no longr hide.
I will open the curtains
And dry my eyes.
I won't be beaten,
I won't be defeated
because now i see the pain you put me through,
I see through you.

Review #5416 by Linda
Written on Jul 30, 2005 (Read 609 times)
I think evanscence is the best band ive ever heard and most of her songs like my immortal , everybodys fool, and going under discribe my life.

Review #5292 by Hannah
Written on Jul 11, 2005 (Read 641 times)
Your welcome.
Fuck Evanescence rock,

Review #5285 by Chris
Written on Jul 10, 2005 (Read 605 times)
Thanks and still EVANESCENCE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #5284 by Hannah
Written on Jul 10, 2005 (Read 589 times)
I love this song SOOO much!!Its not as good as Everybody's Fool,but its incredible.
I agree with that guy Chris,

Review #5072 by chris
Written on May 31, 2005 (Read 672 times)
this is my favorite song from fallen EVANESCENCE ROCK!!!

Review #4955 by megan
Written on May 10, 2005 (Read 725 times)
why does everyone give amy all of the crediate,you know there are other ppl in the band besides amy,and they are just as talinted as amy,so to all you little posers that think just cause amy is the most famouse of the band,you have to go making reviews saying ohh amy is amazing,oh amy is so hott,learn more about the others you tards!! i still love ya tho amy! you ALL rock hardocore!

Review #4925 by Marcus
Written on May 6, 2005 (Read 710 times)
yes im a christian reviewer. this song has aweosme guityar parts and video is ...well... weird. its a about a personwho is mad about another person because they do alot for the other person and get nothing in return. shes jsut really mad its a great song

Review #4851 by melezenius
Written on Apr 25, 2005 (Read 707 times)
What can I say!? Amy Lee's vocals... just so heavenly, I cant think of any other discription...its like seeping to my core, to my soul... Evanescence ROCKS!!!!

adik 2 ur voice..

Review #4649 by clemen
Written on Mar 23, 2005 (Read 779 times)
hola hola hola  :\


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