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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
1. Going Under

Review #1979 by Katherine Turner
Written on Apr 8, 2004 (Read 5176 times)
I can totally relate to Evanescence's songs. I can understand there lyrics. Like, the lyrics for my immortal, they mean that whoevers been there for somone else, but no one has been there for thm, hence 'I've been alone all along'. And going under, they mean like, i've done a whole junkload of crap for you and i get what?! For imaginary, she wants to be by herself in her dream world, not in the horrible bloodshed world that she was born in. For 'My last breath', she's saying she wants whoever it may be to hear her ouit, just let her say, and to actualy help her out and to let the listener know sh'es there. The my last breath part is saying she's on the brink of loosing it. I can toatally relate to all these songs! Getting picked on in school all the  time, always keeping my mouth shut when kids did things to me, or did somehting wrong, just absolutely infeouriated at the kids that picked on me, always helping others, then getting nothing in return for myself, then everyone trying to make me feel better when they were the cause in the first place. I never did regret that though, now i'm a stronger and smarter person. I"m alreayd published in two poetry books, and i've gotten to the finals in a $20,000 poetry cotest. Evanescence's songs really calm me down becuase i really relate to them!

Review #1973 by fallen_angel
Written on Apr 8, 2004 (Read 5197 times)
Evanescence is the greatest band EVER !!!!!
This song is so powerful, so rockin', so great.......!!!!!
 All you songs are beautiful, but this one..
I mean really, guys who are saying that Evnescence sucks should get @ least 1of their CDs and listen to it whole if they want to understand it!
Keep on the great work, Evanescence, and please come to  Croatia!!!!!

Review #1933 by Randal Scott Skaggs
Written on Apr 4, 2004 (Read 5435 times)
great music i love it i downloaded all ur songs and i love them all i think the best ones are "my immortal", "bring me to life", and "going under" i heard that u all broke up i wish u did not but if u get back together which im sure u will ill see u when u get to pennsylvania in pittsburgh hopefully, plus im one of ur biggest fans i listen to ur cd everyday.-------------------------------- i love ur band its soo awesome.

Review #1911 by Victor vitalis
Written on Apr 3, 2004 (Read 5530 times)
    you are sooooooo cool.you are the music of my heart.Keep cooling!!!!

Review #1908 by yogi
Written on Apr 2, 2004 (Read 5588 times)
Evanescence is so hot!!!!!!!!!1

Review #1903 by Auvie
Written on Apr 2, 2004 (Read 5618 times)
Hey,I Love the new song of my Imortal,
See my mom's boyfriend just died of braincancer and she says that she can totally relate to it!That song totally Rocks!!!!!!
                 JUST HERE IT FOR YOURSELF!

Review #1883 by King Hahn
Written on Mar 31, 2004 (Read 5802 times)
Evanescence... Evanescence has some of the most powerful lyrics I have heard in a long time. Amy Lee has a nice, strong, enticing voice, and brings out the best of these lyrics. This song was a great way to begin the album, setting the stage for the others to come. The people who say Evanescence sucks definitely need to go listen to some songs and actually listen for lyrics, trying to find a meaning behind them.

Review #1861 by ·•· Jö ·•·
Written on Mar 29, 2004 (Read 5990 times)
Evanessence has the most powerful lyrics imaginable i love them . i can totally relate to the words. They are so deep and i am glad that i finally have a song that i can listen to and feel real! i love you Amy...Rock On Evanessence

Review #1843 by Tori
Written on Mar 28, 2004 (Read 6068 times)
This song is such a great song! I love it! Evanescence rocks! Now if I could only get my hands on some tickets...

Review #1808 by Me
Written on Mar 26, 2004 (Read 6301 times)
Evanescence rocks!


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