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Saturday, November 04, 2000
11. Eternal

Review #5052 by chris
Written on May 29, 2005 (Read 746 times)
i like this song cuz of the ending of away from it me goes right to this song it  like a 7 min endingto that song

Review #4780 by Becky
Written on Apr 13, 2005 (Read 887 times)
I love this song, even though it's all instrumental, it's still beautiful and I can still feel Amy Lee in it.  Evanescence's music is simply beautiful, and so is Amy.

Review #4280 by !!JAKE!!
Written on Feb 1, 2005 (Read 1164 times)
ok. you have 3 girls, and 2 guys sitting in a year 9 drama group, at school, being hounded to perform something for a school production. We were dumbstruck for ideas. ussually we are really creative, but we need something to inspire us.. Nicole asked me if i had a copy of origin in my bag. i got it out and gave it to her. she took it off me, and played it on the monitors, in the drama studio. she turned it up loud, and we watched the reaction, of the rest of our class, turned from being all excited and running around (as we ussually did with our teacher) to all quiet and intregued. our group looked at each other, and decided that we wanted to have this affect on people.
So, we asked nicole, what she was thinking. She explained this fantasy place she had for this song. where a girl was sleeping, and awoke in a strange dream, to find her partner cheating on her. So, we worked on a piece where, She got up, after finding her boyfriend cheating on her, and started to fight with this unknown gothic doll (We dressed nicole up in a wedding dress and, she gothed herself up, which didnt take much work, because she is pretty gothic as she is) Anyways, this doll pushes the awoken girl down. pushing her down to her death, her grave. as soon as the murdered girl falls, about 6 people appear from the curtains, all with dark make-up, and long black robes on, pointing at the Doll, advancing on the doll, driving her to insanity. In eternal there is rain, and a storm, so we represented the funeral as that. all of these lifeless faces of the people standing around, her, takes her to the edge, where she breaks down, all alone, in a pile in front of the corpse, crying, silently, until finally deciding, that the pain and guilt is too much, and decides to end it all, by slashing her wrists. The murdered girl, awakens, to find what it appears to be one of her child hood dolls. she gets up, and touches the doll, on the shoulder, and watches the doll, stiffly fall to one side. the curtains are drawn, and we got about 3 people applauding, and the rest, sitting there in shock, mouths wide open. "this is what we wanted" i said to nicole. she agreed, and we left very pleased with ourselves.. :) we were happy with that, and i just wanted to share what we did, as a performance, to this piece.
thanks, !!JAKE!!

Review #3984 by Hanna
Written on Dec 31, 2004 (Read 1262 times)
I have every single album of evanescence, and I'd have to say Eternal is my favorite song out of all of them.  not just becuase I'm also a techno freak, heh, it calms me down, you can put your own story to this song, and I think that's a great way to make a song where anyone can relate just by making it themselves.  I don't have a role model, i believe it's good just to try your hardest to be yourself.  Amy Lee is someone I look up to.  But anyway, this song was greatly laid out and it's always best to play your own part in your head, atleast that's what I do for this song, not to try to understand someone elses poems but have your own understanding of something. :)

Review #3850 by Tomo
Written on Dec 15, 2004 (Read 1236 times)
The sound of rain usually calms me being angry at something uncomfortable down... When I first played "Eternal" in my room, I unintentionally mistook this instrumental for the one written by a band from somewhere in Europe. Every time I feel a lot gloomy, this lyrical number touches me kindly anyway... I thought of my girlfriend for a while blown in the wind last night, I might have thought of her much harder if I had lent my ear to "Eternal" then.

Review #3758 by FallenAngelGoddess
Written on Dec 5, 2004 (Read 1218 times)
Amy lee Is The Light Of Souls, Speaks Only Of What Those Dont Yet Feel, She To Is a Fallen Agel Goddess Like Those Else Who Understand

Review #3694 by Morpheus
Written on Nov 24, 2004 (Read 1140 times)
A friend told me that Eternal is in the Matrix Revolutions OST... does anyone know if it is true?

Review #3618 by Kenzi Erin
Written on Nov 6, 2004 (Read 973 times)
  i love amy lee im on my way to becomming a singer and amy lee is the wind benith my wings my insperation lifting my higher allowing me to fly in to the clouds.

Review #3609 by kenyata
Written on Nov 5, 2004 (Read 973 times)
HELLO! what the hell is going on here?!!!!!!! Evanescence has been out since 1998 and has 2cds already? i had no idea i thought Fallen was her first Cd! Well shes still has an amazing voice i idolize her truly keep up the good work amy and gang:)

Review #3565 by rosario
Written on Oct 23, 2004 (Read 1091 times)
I like evanescence. I love amy lee
I like the music is very sentimental and emotional


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