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Saturday, November 4, 2000
10. Away From Me

Review #7660 by Stumbleine
Written on Jun 21, 2008 (Read 520 times)
I'm not too crazy about the electronic bits, however I still think this is a great song. I've noticed that even though some early Ev songs have a bit too much synth, it never weighs them down. The music, vocals, and lyrics balance everything out nicely. The lyrics are great in this tune.
"I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds"
Love it!

Review #7298 by T_T
Written on Dec 31, 2006 (Read 644 times)
i LOVE this song! they need to sell this album on iTunes! the meaning of this song is the opposite of most of their songs now tho. i guess, with ben gone, they aren't as Christian as before. it's too bad...

Review #7050 by chr
Written on Oct 21, 2006 (Read 695 times)
This, along with Surrender (and more recently Lacrymosa) count for the best Evanescence songs ever. in my opinion. Pity that Surrender (from the 2002 demo) is nowhere to be found on this website...

Review #6035 by Micayla
Written on Feb 19, 2006 (Read 889 times)
Away From Me and Imaginary are the best songs they have yet in my oppinion. I havn't been able to go to a concert but if they come to Canada agian... Anywhere in Canada.. IM SO FUCKING GOING AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!!!! haha. Evanescence is the best band in the past, present and future probably! I got nothing to say but good things about this KICK ASS band!!

Review #5975 by the goddess of imaginary light
Written on Jan 5, 2006 (Read 942 times)
we are talking about the origin album.Jes suis perdant!!! Back when the band was together!!!! duh!!!!!

Review #5971 by Je Suis Perdant
Written on Jan 3, 2006 (Read 948 times)
ummm, why would ben be in the video? he's not in the band. and for that matter neither is david.

Review #5960 by the goddess of imaginary light
Written on Dec 23, 2005 (Read 959 times)
I haven't been on this website for a while, i have just read dante's reveiw, that idea about the music video is awesome!! i thought about the music video, my idea is almost exatly the same as yours, but the band is not playing in a garage, they are in a live consert and in the first verse, amy drops the mic, goes backstage and walks to the museum. Suddenly she's in a spy outfit with an expresion that says what happend just then? Then she acts like shes been there the whole time. They did exatly what dante said in the museum.But they end up back in the consert at the end of the song and it's like shes been there the whole time (away from me). She's just finished singing. The crowd screams, Amy says her thank yous and the screen fades.

Review #5888 by Dante
Written on Nov 19, 2005 (Read 987 times)
Just for the record I'm listening to this song right now! And I'm sorta playing a music video in my head. It starts with the band in a garage and Ben is turning the amp on. Then the music starts. Amy turns on her microphone. "I hold my breath" Amy starts singing. "All the things that I've achieved in" Amy drops her microphone and walks away. chorus: Amy walks outside and walks out of the neighborhood. She pulls a mini notebook out of her pocket and write Away from Me in bold print with a sharpie marker. "crawling through this world as diesease flows through my veins." Amy is a spy and she's in a muesum where a diamond has been stolen. And then she notice is Ben walking behind her with the diamond. Then, Amy puts her hair in a hairbow without looking back. chorus: Amy looks back to leave and sees Ben holding the diamond and she chases him."lost in a dying world" it shows Amy, Ben, and David back in the garage. "I have grown so weary of this the life I live" It shows Amy back in the muesum and she says it in her cell phone and, then it shows the police office and it says it in the answering machine. chorus: The band is back in the garage and Amy starts screaming at Ben because he accidently plays a wrong note. chorus: Amy catches Ben and grabs him by the collar of his shirt and starts pushing him. and then it shows Amy doing the same thing to Ben in the garage. And then back in the muesum Amy snatches the diamond from Ben's hands and she runs. Echo of from me: The cops put handcuffs on Ben and walk him outside. And then back in the garage Amy turns off her microphone and then the song stops with the beginning of Eternal with the beeping noise.

Review #5725 by Dante DuVall
Written on Oct 8, 2005 (Read 1030 times)
These are one of my favorite songs off this album. I love the beginning that sounds just like My Tourniquet only without the accelerated footsteps. I also think the strange noise in the first two verses sound alot like the wierd noises in Even in Death.
And I mostly like how it goes from this song to Eternal. It ends with a small break right when Amy stops singing the high pitched piano starts almost like it goes on Fallen when it goes from My Tourniquet to Imaginary. But on Fallen it goes from low violen to high violen on this album it goes from a fadeout of Away From Me to a fade in of Eternal.

Review #5388 by Nadine from heidelsheim
Written on Jul 25, 2005 (Read 1107 times)
if i cod scream thrue my hell then i know i cod live i cod fell alitel bith somethings happend to me and i´m  reddy to bleed for my  feelings for you it would kill me and braike my world in to if icod forgatt something i would never lie to you never lie to you
jeasus waike me up in stain but i´m cloesd now nothings that before i know its allways
broken broken and cold
if i cod ever laugh i know you would fight to see it but any more
jeasus waike me up i staind but in my head i´ll burn i hat no Qwestons but i wanna die now amy thats are song for you i hope thats a gift for you and you´ll remember me Nadine


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