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Released on
Saturday, November 4, 2000
6. Field of Innocence

Review #270 by Shane
Written on Jan 7, 2004 (Read 1087 times)
Chilling, and very haunting. This song solely makes me want to learn the guitar.

Review #213 by Jennie
Written on Dec 18, 2003 (Read 1126 times)
I think is a good song, is sad but when life has no meaning songs like this one makes us feel, we are not the only ones that feels that way.

Review #212 by Buzzard
Written on Dec 17, 2003 (Read 1129 times)
It sure is.  Such a sad, beautiful, haunting song.
It sure jogs some of my earlier memories, some pleasant ones, and also some others I had
locked away so as not to have to deal with them....
Evanescence's music is not just entertaining, it is also
medicinal.  How is it that someone who has gone through
such pain as to have that kind of subject matter still
has the honesty of heart to face such feelings, and the
clarity of mind to express them in song?  

Review #190 by Me
Written on Dec 11, 2003 (Read 1146 times)
I think that this is a sad song, i can totally relate, it seems as if we all grow up way too fast these days, and i often stay up at night and wonder where all my innocence has gone. But it's definately a great song

Review #181 by Midnight
Written on Dec 8, 2003 (Read 1151 times)
Why has no-one written a review for this song. I think its great. Its really slow and beautiful and tells a lovely story.


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