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Saturday, November 4, 2000
5. Where Will You Go

Review #7500 by iryan
Written on May 9, 2007 (Read 546 times)
im 1 of evanescence die-hard fan in Malaysia...even we are diffrnt language,races,lifestyle..but i still do love all of evanescence songs!! there are trully rock!!! Amy has an absolutely phenomenal voice,that make me crush on her...
i really:
-love this song!-love amy lee!-love evanescence!!

Review #6952 by Lexa
Written on Oct 5, 2006 (Read 645 times)
I do like this song. I just can relate to it because I have family that are just like this.

Review #6867 by Jessica
Written on Sep 25, 2006 (Read 648 times)
Hey, guys. My name is Jessica and, like all of you fans here, I love Evanescence! 'Where Will You Go' was one of my favourite peices, especially since I can relate to the lyrics. As one of Ev's best works, there have been more than one make of this song.

The original make was slower and used only piano, which could suggest that it is actually something they played live. However, no fan applause or screams were recorded on the track, which also suggests that it might NOT be live.

Nonetheless, awesome songs. Any band would be 100% lucky to have all these nice reviews to read through. Good luck, people! And good luck Evanescence!

Review #6247 by Sara
Written on May 22, 2006 (Read 744 times)
I LOVE EVANESCENCE!! They are the BEST band ever! i am obsessed!! i have everything!! i have memorized all of their songs!!

Review #6208 by Angelina
Written on Apr 30, 2006 (Read 768 times)
Where will you go is a beautiful song. I love what the meaning of this song is. I think it's really great.

Review #5957 by Dante
Written on Dec 22, 2005 (Read 889 times)
I have my own band and I made 2 covers. This song and Lies. And yes I do have backup vocals for this song. I haven't thought of anybody for Lies but, since I am a boy. And that would be a little wierd if I had a boy sing with me on this song so, on the end of this song with the "Yeah, yeah" I got a girl named Jeese to do it. (And yes she is my girlfriend)

Review #5684 by stace
Written on Sep 25, 2005 (Read 969 times)
i agree with u dante origin is awsome and the track where will u go is cool 2 :-)

Review #5683 by Dante
Written on Sep 25, 2005 (Read 970 times)
Hi it's me Dante again. If you're wondering
who I am you'll find me at the Origin track.
Well, ethier way this is my favorite track
on this album. The organ in it is awesome!

Review #5234 by michelle
Written on Jun 30, 2005 (Read 1090 times)
i can hear you in a whisper but you cant even hear me screaming......... i can realate to that line

Review #4905 by Marcus
Written on May 3, 2005 (Read 1197 times)
yes im a christian reveiwer. i have not actually heard this song but ive read through the lyrics. i think it means that someone has lied to hide a great mistake, but someone knows. that someone knows the lier cant hide the lie for long. the person who knows wants to help the lier but the lier is trying to hide his mistake from everyone and knows he cant for very long.


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