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Saturday, November 4, 2000
4. My Immortal

Review #2031 by oracle
Written on Apr 12, 2004 (Read 2207 times)
my immortal    proper is it not   all of this describtions of life and love its rather touching i feel the song resonateing as if my soul is .. never mind i get the big picture i find descrptives im wierd like that

Review #2026 by Katie
Written on Apr 12, 2004 (Read 2220 times)
I love this song so much.  It's like a summary of my love life.  All of Evanescence's songs play a role with my life.

Review #1966 by angel
Written on Apr 7, 2004 (Read 2326 times)
i love this song so much - i wish you guys would play it more often on the radio.

Review #1954 by kelsi chaney
Written on Apr 6, 2004 (Read 2366 times)
I love this song this song is the bomb my grandpa died last month and it makes me cry if i listen to it over and over but i really like it plus the guitarist is a hottie gothics rule hot topic is the best store in the universe that's what the world should be made of hot topic stores well gotta go my sister whitney keys loves this song too evanescence is the best group in the earths solar system

Review #1928 by Sam
Written on Apr 4, 2004 (Read 2417 times)
Hey when i first heard this song i thought it was lame then this girl sang it at my school for open mic in my music class and she sounded just like amy but the funny thing is her spanish accent makes her sound even more like her. I started to like the song and then the radio stations were playing it like crazy and i fell in love with it all over again!

Review #1879 by Emily
Written on Mar 31, 2004 (Read 2526 times)
I love this song!!! The first time I heard it (besides in the movie Daredevil) I was on my way to a very good friend, Sean's funeral and everytime I start thinking about him again, this song comes on the radio and it's like he's trying to talk to me through this song. It's so beatiful and I love Amy's voice, she may be one of the best singers to ever walk the earth!!! R.I.P. Sean I love u now and forever!!! !989-2004

Review #1849 by andreia
Written on Mar 29, 2004 (Read 2611 times)
hello evanescence fans I`m from portugal I just ont to say at evanescence thanks for my imortal is the music more beautiful I ever see

Review #1844 by aarons_girl
Written on Mar 28, 2004 (Read 2618 times)
I love this song, it makes me cry every time I hear it!  It is one of the best songs I have every heard, Amy Lee is a great singer, and the band does a great job too!  This is just a really great song!!  After my bf died, this song just helped, I don't know why but it mademe feel better!

Review #1796 by Jenny
Written on Mar 25, 2004 (Read 2735 times)
Evanscence is one of the most unique bands i have ever been introduced to. They have such a unique style and Amy lee is really talented with the way she makes people get into the mood of the song. She is really good at pulling them in with her lyrics!

Review #1768 by el_lmbey
Written on Mar 23, 2004 (Read 2828 times)
plz   i wanna    to  have  the  lyrics   of   bring me to life  and  my immortal   plz


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