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Saturday, November 4, 2000
4. My Immortal

Review #2674 by Darkness
Written on Jun 3, 2004 (Read 1185 times)
HI! Well, I must say that My inmortal is very deep, it does show feelings and love...once it made me cry!

Review #2613 by PILAR
Written on May 26, 2004 (Read 1338 times)
soy de argentina, pese que no se muy bien de que se trata el tema, pues gente me dice que se trata de la muerte de un hijo de Amy lee, cosa q no creo, y otros me dicen q es el rompimiento de un noviazgo eterno y muy profundo, me baso no en la letra pero en la musica, es genial la forma q esta mujer transmite su dolor y cada uno por su prpio review intenta definir que es lo que siente cuando la escuhca por 1 o por 50ta vez, y veo que no puede describir exactamente lo que siente, y es eso lo que creoq la hace especial, un sentimiento tan,, tan,, asi... que con palabras no se puede definir.

Review #2544 by Nidhi Desai
Written on May 20, 2004 (Read 1434 times)
ammmaaaaazzzziiiiiinnngggggg !!!! really love it !!!

Review #2516 by Jose Antoinoi
Written on May 17, 2004 (Read 1502 times)
Hello I make this in spanglish 'cause I don't speake so much inglish ok I likc so much My inmortal 'cause I like the Lyric is so much deep ...

Review #2487 by edwin alexis
Written on May 15, 2004 (Read 1548 times)

Disculpen por no poder escribir en ingles por soy un poco malito en eso.

pero el caso es que es la banda que mas me a gustado por su estilo y lo que transmite que es gran sentimiento a lo que hacen.

A parte de todo me encantan tus ojos amy lee
son muy hermosos y misteriosos

Review #2399 by Leticia
Written on May 9, 2004 (Read 1677 times)
I love there songs especially AMY
Whats there radio station

Review #2394 by louiegay
Written on May 8, 2004 (Read 1684 times)
i really like the song my Immortal, because everytime i hear it.  the message of the song is really good and i can relate it on myself.  my message to the evanessense take good care and hope you find another song that evey listerner will really like.

Review #2390 by llal
Written on May 8, 2004 (Read 1692 times)
the papre is boring bl bl bl bl bl blb

Review #2334 by LA ROUSY
Written on May 4, 2004 (Read 1763 times)
i think that even is a great person i love her music i want to say waz up to all of my homie's from columbus m.s at canoga and I LOVE LUIS,MARTINEZ WITH ALL MY HEARTH  and even keep up the good work LOVE   ... JENNIFER  AKA LA ROUSYFROM 818

Review #2331 by Amber
Written on May 4, 2004 (Read 1765 times)
I am a dancer and when I heard this song I KNEW I had to choreograph a dance to this metaphorical song of life during hard times. I performed it at my Spring Formal Dance Show at my high school and everyone loved it. I tried so hard to capture the meaning and I think I did. My dance was about two sisters, one was younger and she had died and the older sister was trying to overcome her depression of losing her. Throughout the dance they are together and then the lil sis fades away because in reality, she isn't there. I cried when I was dancing. Evanesence is the only rock group I listen to and I LOVE this song!!!


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