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Saturday, November 4, 2000
4. My Immortal

Review #3684 by alicia
Written on Nov 22, 2004 (Read 1396 times)
i belive that it's about somone who has everything but then loses it. i don;t think it's about death i think it's about life

Review #3655 by AngelusMx
Written on Nov 14, 2004 (Read 1432 times)
It MIGHT be about death but it also could be about someone who just left.  A relation that ended, or a lover that walked away. The "death" glove fits it so well because it's kind of eerie and SO sad, but really this song suits anyone who's dealing with loss.

Review #3652 by Jessica
Written on Nov 14, 2004 (Read 958 times)
I had my first dance to this song with Marc ,my love....He's soooo cute..

Review #3651 by Jessica
Written on Nov 14, 2004 (Read 957 times)
I had my first dance to this song with Marc ,my love....He's soooo cute..

Review #3631 by P.J.
Written on Nov 8, 2004 (Read 868 times)
Joleen, this song is clearly about death, and is symbolised by the line "Now I'm bound by the life you left behind". She has to continue with the life that her loved one has left. There is no question that it's about death, but that's the beauty of this group, you can interpret it many ways.

When I first heard it, I related to it as a jealous partner, who torments her, and is driving her mad. "She's bound by the life you left behind" could be seen as his progression into a jealous insanity, therefore leaving the life they had, behind.

The reason I thought of it this way, was when she said "When you cried I wiped away all your tears, when you screamed, I fight away all your fears" which indicates maybe there was a turbulent life together, filled with crying and screaming.

And when she said "Though your still with me, I've been alone all along" tells me that although he's still with her in body, she's been alone all along, because the love they had was gone when he began his jealous streak.

But, I see several other interpretations, and as someone who's loved a jealous raging person, and hasn't lost anyone who I can love in the context of this song, I relate to it this way.

Review #3572 by sahika
Written on Oct 27, 2004 (Read 842 times)
hello!i'm sahika.i'm from turkey.i love amy more than everything...

Review #3534 by Joleen
Written on Oct 12, 2004 (Read 887 times)
After reading all the other reviews, I realized that maybe I'm not weird for relating this song with death. I just recently lost my best friend, Melissa Couch, in a car wreck and she loved this song.  We recorded her singing it on my computer, which I'm very grateful that I have it now.  "These wounds won't seem to heal.  This pain is just too real.  There's just too much that time cannot erase..."  It just seems like it's coming from her from beyond the grave.. as gay as that sounds.  (by the way: Go the speed limit and BUCLE UP!!)

Review #3381 by Ryan
Written on Sep 3, 2004 (Read 1033 times)
You rock Evanescence. I've never heard any band sound like yours. Songs like My Immortal give me goosebumps every time I hear it. Keep on doin your thing. And Amy, I love you.

Review #3349 by Myles fuckin Boylan
Written on Aug 29, 2004 (Read 743 times)
Im in love with AmyLee.  i cant even tell you. i say, fuck brittney speers if that how you spell it. dont Know. I know I cant have the real Amy so if theres any dark hair blue eye girls out there. write me. Amy you write me to. ......MYLes....

Review #3313 by Kina Taylor
Written on Aug 24, 2004 (Read 803 times)
amy is NOT DEAD wut the hell


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