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Saturday, November 4, 2000
3. Imaginary

Review #2370 by Christopher Cook
Written on May 6, 2004 (Read 888 times)
This song is awesome! I love "Imaginary!" This song is great! It is one of my favorites! However, I like the one on FALLEN better. This one, I think, is weaker.
          YOU ROCK, AMY! You're so HOT!
~Christopher Cook~

Review #2336 by Free
Written on May 4, 2004 (Read 807 times)
Fantastic song.  It makes me 'free' when I listen to it.

Review #1982 by Mr. Evanescence
Written on Apr 8, 2004 (Read 762 times)
I like this song a lot. Both the Fallen and Origin versions are awesome. It's a song about a person who's life is so bad that they have to go to an imaginary world in their dreams, and have to keep escaping.  This song's message is very powerful, because, well the truth is that fantasy is always better than reality. It's true, like how you wish that your life could be perfect, but reality takes its toll over everyone. Our world isn't perfect at all. Anyways, yeah, this song is awesome. I like the piano part in the beginning, and the little bit at the end. I like that part when Amy says,"If you need to leave the world you live in, lay your head down and stay awhile, though you may not remember dreaming, something waits for you to breathe again." And I like the part right after that with the guitar and drum solo, and when she goes "ahhahhahh" and that stuff. Really the whole song is great. Every song that they ever composed is great. None of their songs suck. I give this band two thumbs way up!!!

Review #1526 by Ashley
Written on Mar 8, 2004 (Read 783 times)
i love my immortal so much..........i like all of them...........well i g2g......buh bye.!

Review #1335 by Angela
Written on Feb 27, 2004 (Read 795 times)
This is the best! EVANESCENCE rules!!!!!! I love all the songs they play especially this one.

Review #1067 by Eric
Written on Feb 14, 2004 (Read 781 times)
I like this song alot too. I relate to it alot. Sometimes I cannot stand reality so I eigther sleep where I can be in my dreams and form my fantasies into a reality, or I paint to get into the world I create. Reading is also a great escape. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality. To quote Buffy the vampire slayer "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it." So I choose to live with in myself sometimes.

Review #1042 by emily
Written on Feb 13, 2004 (Read 775 times)
well sence i am a rocker,evanescence is my favorite.especially the fallen.i agree with dove.it sounds really cool.in the piano part is the best...       see yous punks

Review #732 by binni
Written on Jan 30, 2004 (Read 810 times)
I like this version better than the Fallen, this one is alot creepier and why did they cut out that part with
"if you need to leave the world you live in..." on the Fallen CD, it's the best part...

Review #661 by Riasha
Written on Jan 27, 2004 (Read 810 times)
I absolutely love this song becuase I can relate. I know how it feels to just want to pretend its all not real and make up my own little worl, ignoring the truth. Awseome, is all I have to say about this song.

Review #466 by Abi
Written on Jan 18, 2004 (Read 810 times)
i like this one beta too and that lil stanza bit or watever is really good.


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