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Released on
Saturday, November 4, 2000
3. Imaginary

Review #7697 by Blackmomba
Written on Apr 19, 2009 (Read 528 times)
when i first heard this song i loved it, mostly the beginning, i loved the way it was set up and the way it sounded... :)

Review #6316 by Bloody Tears
Written on Jun 1, 2006 (Read 674 times)
I love this version! i think it was the first song thst i heard from the orign album because i was soo exited because i love imaginary. I like it because its darker probably. This song makes me feel confortable with myself. It helps me escape. The different second verce makes this song one of my favourites. I LOVE YOU EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!

Review #6095 by EvanFreak
Written on Mar 16, 2006 (Read 711 times)
i like this version is so peaceful cause of the piano in the beginning well i don't know why ppl are sayin that the one with the violins is psycotic i love both versions though they sound different from one another
and thats the reason i like both versions cause their different kinds of versions

Review #5766 by Dante
Written on Oct 15, 2005 (Read 794 times)
Your right hazard this version is off the hook! I wonder why they didn't keep the lyrics like this because the Fallen version made me scream the first time I heard it.
The way it ends with tourniquet with a slow sad violen then, all of the sudden a loud frightening, almost phsyco sounding, high violen starts, it would sound alot better with this version. From slow violen to a nice calming piano.

Review #5443 by hazard
Written on Aug 4, 2005 (Read 833 times)
The way this song is different is because there is a line in the middle of it that says"If you need to leave the world you live in then lay your head down and stay a while." and a little more. But i think this song is excellent, and it is extremely well sung.

Review #5442 by Dante
Written on Aug 4, 2005 (Read 834 times)
Okay this is my fav song on Anywhere But Home. So I just got one question. How the
h*** is it different from the original?

Review #5220 by Bloody Shadow
Written on Jun 27, 2005 (Read 870 times)
This version is sooooo good! I love the Fallen version, but this one has more of a gothicky feel to it. I cant pick which version is better- they both kick ass! I have Origin and every time I listen to it (which is EVERY DAY) this is the 1st song I listen to. I love how its soft & tender in the beginning then gets louder & heavier after the intro.Evanescence rox!!!!!

Review #4919 by chris
Written on May 5, 2005 (Read 925 times)
this one is better then the one on FALLEN

Review #4812 by childishxXxnightmares
Written on Apr 19, 2005 (Read 939 times)
wow i got this song wrong. i had it confussed w/ demos. but this one is the most beautiful. evanescence has the most enchanting songs. they posess you for the few minutes you listen to them. i love how it puts you into a dream state. it pulls you away from the world.

Review #4765 by Space-O
Written on Apr 12, 2005 (Read 947 times)
i love this song.....
this version is the best.
its sooooooo pretty
it makes me....... um.....
sad... i think lol


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