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Origin Origin
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Released on
Saturday, November 4, 2000
1. Origin

Review #7639 by E-dog
Written on Dec 10, 2007 (Read 576 times)
Whoa! like, duuuuude! coolyo song. luv it. Amy lee rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more songs! MORE!!! MWAAAHHHHHH!!!!XP

Review #7482 by chris
Written on Apr 23, 2007 (Read 715 times)
I love this E.P! Is Hotttttt like Amy

Review #7353 by kiki
Written on Jan 14, 2007 (Read 860 times)
i am your number 1 fan i luv all of your music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #7073 by maras
Written on Oct 26, 2006 (Read 1030 times)
There's a song by evanescence that's not on this site, and it's really good.. it's called "I must be dreaming" DOWNLOAD IT!

Review #6315 by Dante
Written on May 29, 2006 (Read 1391 times)
Hi tabitha! Remember me? We were friends on Youtube? Well either way, you can find it at scifithemes.com

Review #6314 by tabitha
Written on May 28, 2006 (Read 1395 times)
is there anywhere that i can go tolisten to all of this song? please email me if you know where.

Review #6205 by mimi
Written on Apr 29, 2006 (Read 1480 times)
some please tell me were i can listen to origin. cause i really wanna listen to it so please e-mail me @ mimiroberts12@yahoo.com

Review #6183 by Bloody Tears
Written on Apr 21, 2006 (Read 1509 times)
This album was released 4 days after my birthday!!! I just realised that. Anyway this song is a great intro. The word to descibe this song is already taken from Dante.(Another well known reveiwer)

Review #6167 by tabitha
Written on Apr 12, 2006 (Read 1543 times)
where can i listen to origin, i really want to, it sounds so creepy. somebody e-mail me if you can tell me where to find it. my email is either that one listed or zfallenangelsz@aim.com

Review #6064 by Alodia
Written on Mar 8, 2006 (Read 1653 times)
I'm a french woman and i would like to where I can listen to Evanescence's former songs?


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