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Whisper EP / Sound Asleep EP

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6. Ascension of the Spirit

Review #2522 by 2 chaos magician
Written on May 18, 2004 (Read 1113 times)
IM sick and tired of judgmental ppl like u!! U know what u cant call us non fans, cuz if we weren't big fans, we wouldnt have looked up this site, and if we cant find thir old songs dont mean were not big fans! Gosh ur such a selfish idiot, Ill speak for all the fans out there FUCK U!

Review #2520 by Chaos Magician
Written on May 17, 2004 (Read 1066 times)
how can u ppl be such "Big" fans, how can you not know where to find their old songs.
I've liked Evanescence since almost the beginning, and i found the songs fine.
So all of you who say you're big fans, and are asking that question, YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP, YOU PRETENTIOUS TRENDOIDS TRYING TO FOLLOW THE PACK OF PEOPLE YOU CALL FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #2511 by ethereality
Written on May 17, 2004 (Read 1046 times)
man...WHERE do you all get these songs?
I wanna know where you ppl download the rare Evanescence songs. All I have is Understanding and Surrender. If I could, I would like to have ALL rare Evanescence songs. I'm a hardcore, diehard Evanescence fan. And it's hard to purchase their merchandise, too, cuz I live on the other side of the globe, a place where Amy Lee and the rest have never set foot on. I frantically search on the net for their rare songs...but it comes to no avail. so PLEASE, if anyone is kind enough to help another diehard Evanescence fan, PLEASE tell me where I can find the rare songs mp3 downloads.

Review #2259 by Evanescence Lives
Written on Apr 28, 2004 (Read 1173 times)
In any search engine, type in "download winmx" (no quotes, duh) its a really cool program where u can get any song you want. I got a copy of the My Immortal sheet music. I mean it IS illeagal... but still...all the songs are genuine... there are no of those little "bleeps" you get when you use other programs (dont those just piss you off?) Its pretty fast and well worth it.

Review #2243 by amy lover
Written on Apr 27, 2004 (Read 1134 times)
if anyone has problem with finding songs they just ask me i  got all the songs they have ever made.

Review #2193 by Liss
Written on Apr 24, 2004 (Read 1145 times)
If you could please help me, i would like to know where i could listen to/ download  ascension of the spirit and many more of the rare evanescence songs.  i am a HUGE fan , and i cant seem to find where i can get these great songs at.  if you could help me, it would be GREATLY appreciated :)

Review #2179 by Kramer
Written on Apr 23, 2004 (Read 1152 times)
As I'm a good boy, i'll share these tracks with you all. :P Add me to your contact list in MSN and i will be happy to help you. You can trust me, i just wanna help


Review #2135 by Me
Written on Apr 19, 2004 (Read 1168 times)
I'm asking like every1 else. Where can I download any of these songs? I mean how have you guys heard this song of the CD made only about 100 copies?

HELP ME. I'm just an Evanescence fan looking for some of their earlier songs. Someone has to have an MP3 or something!!!

Review #2110 by Mr. Evanescence
Written on Apr 18, 2004 (Read 1178 times)
This song is so beautiful. It has no lyrics, it's an instrumental. The violins and chellos and all the stringed instruments sound so well together. It really does sound like music you would play for an ascending spirit. Evanescence did a really good job for this song!!!!!! If I was a teacher and songs were an asignment, I would give this song an A+

Review #2059 by melody
Written on Apr 14, 2004 (Read 1207 times)
hey can anyone tell me where i can download the Ascention of the Spirit song.


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