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Whisper EP / Sound Asleep EP

Released in
4. Forgive Me

Review #546 by Midnight
Written on Jan 22, 2004 (Read 1051 times)
These are lovely lyrics

Review #315 by liz
Written on Jan 9, 2004 (Read 1084 times)
Great song. Lyrics are great something most of us can relate to. Very strong song.

Review #248 by heather
Written on Jan 4, 2004 (Read 1097 times)
this is a beautiful song. i love this one. i love singing with it and it is so heartfelt and true. great job evanescence!

Review #232 by Jamie
Written on Dec 31, 2003 (Read 1108 times)
This song made me cry the first time I heard it. Its such a "true" song. Great Band... Their gonna go far. Even without Ben Moody.

Review #124 by Marissa
Written on Nov 9, 2003 (Read 1184 times)
I think this song is great..I think it has great lyrics..I like the contrast in her voice n how she starts out nice and slow and then builds on it like she does in many songs..Overall this song is the shit!!

Review #123 by Cecilia
Written on Nov 9, 2003 (Read 1188 times)
Amazing!  You know when Amy Lee sang at the beginning of the song, I thought it was someone else. Her pitch was so low.  
ANyway, the song was amazing!

Review #40 by dark destroyer
Written on Aug 17, 2003 (Read 1293 times)
amazing song, the lyrics are pure from amy's heart.

Review #25 by manun
Written on Aug 10, 2003 (Read 1299 times)
best Eva song I've ever heard!


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