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Whisper EP / Sound Asleep EP

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4. Forgive Me

Review #3431 by jaja
Written on Sep 15, 2004 (Read 743 times)
i love this song too...
this mengingatkan sy dgn mbr2 kt jengka..
friendship frenz..cs110 may2002 until oct2004 session,uitm jengka..thank to know all of u..

Review #3356 by Noor
Written on Aug 31, 2004 (Read 782 times)
i love that song!! its so cute....but not my favourite....i like anywhere the best... id give anything to meet amy....
her biggest fan.... Noorxxxx

Review #3191 by shtaffyyy
Written on Aug 7, 2004 (Read 762 times)
such a beautiful song! when i first heard it i couldn't stop crying...the last few days everything went wrong..and i didn't know what to do...but this song gave me power, power to live...and now i can say "sorry" from my heard to my best friend, i hurt so badly..  thank u, amy   i luv u

Review #3190 by Broken Heart
Written on Aug 7, 2004 (Read 693 times)
a great song for a broken heart...really..all the songs are so deep,and so sad...I always cry when I listen to this song.I feel like I'm dying....I want to sing it to the person I love but this is impossible :~( !!!!!!

I can't live this life
Without you by my side
I need you to survive    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna scream :~( thank you Amy lee for the great song !!

Review #3153 by Joyce
Written on Aug 3, 2004 (Read 702 times)
I remember the night I bought Fallen, sitting on my bed and turning the sound up as high as I could, and just.. well, beyond amazed at the quality and depth of the songs. They weren't just songs either. But more like a story with an actual meaning to it, and not just written down to be a catchy tune, but spoken from the heart. To me, every song Evanescence writes/performs is perfect. No exceptions,truly from the spirit.
The first few piano notes at the beginning of Forgive Me instantly hooked me to the song. It's sad, and with not many songs today that talk about forgiving, yet is something that many of us need encouragement on, it is a really helpful song.

Love, Joyce

Review #2713 by Cristina
Written on Jun 8, 2004 (Read 920 times)
The reason this song makes others and me cry is because of its sprited lyrics filled with the forgiveness it has in it and the background music is just beautifully adapted to the lyrics and amy's voice.

Review #2542 by Amy W.
Written on May 19, 2004 (Read 925 times)
This song brings back a lot of memories because I can so relate to it. It makes me want to cry. I love it!

Review #2524 by raven_666
Written on May 18, 2004 (Read 900 times)
this song is so beautiful, i listen to it all the time, my mom even loves it. it makes me want to cry.

Review #2460 by kayla
Written on May 13, 2004 (Read 902 times)
everytime i hear that song i cry it reminds me of ex boyfriend

Review #2280 by CHiBi
Written on Apr 29, 2004 (Read 838 times)
this is the greatest song ever. whenever i hear it, i always end up crying. *worships* i'm not worthy~~

Review #2091 by eden
Written on Apr 17, 2004 (Read 837 times)
never got to actually listen to it( we havent go speakers for our computer yet), but all of these song lyrics make me want to cry silently. its like watching swan lake, only you are reading lyrics that make you eat humble pie for saying that your bands lyrics could be lyrically darker than Evanescence. and that is from a die-hard fan.


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