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Whisper EP / Sound Asleep EP

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4. Forgive Me

Review #5719 by Rayza Ridzuan
Written on Oct 1, 2005 (Read 596 times)
Remedy of all guilt you have commited to our dearest friend. Oh, my god! I've never been this touched ever before in my life. The beauty of this song is unexplainable by words. This song is a true triumph to all of us that needs something to beg for an apology...


Review #5666 by stace
Written on Sep 22, 2005 (Read 600 times)
this song is well coooooooool but to tell the truthe its just as great as all the rest of evanescence's songs

Review #5664 by punkygrl
Written on Sep 21, 2005 (Read 596 times)
oh my gosh- i love it!!!! This is just the best song when you have done something to hurt a friend. You realise that you are sooooo lucky to have them!!! This song totally explains how i felt in a recent situation! luv ya' amy! Keep da' music coming!!!!! You lyrics always seem to relate to my life somehow!!!!

Review #5592 by criscence
Written on Sep 4, 2005 (Read 588 times)
"i dont want to lose you
coz u were made for me
somehow i'll make you see
how happy u make me
i cant live this life
w/o u by my side
i need u to survive
so stay w/ me
you look in my eyes &
i'm screaming inside that
im sorry."
this lines makes me cry,
did u know that all of ur songs are the healer of my broken heart.......
related in my fuckin life,
hope that u still keep on rockin forever,coz if not i think i am BROKEN forever........

Review #5582 by criscence
Written on Sep 1, 2005 (Read 593 times)
hey @my,i really love u,hope that i can see yah in person.did u know why my name now is criscence coz my real name is criscell and ur my fave in the whole world thats why i made my name criscence.... i really like this songs coz it makes me cry out loud and scream... love ya'll evanescence..keep up the fuckin' good work...;-)

Review #5372 by kimo
Written on Jul 22, 2005 (Read 470 times)
maybe i love da rap but i love to listen to amy lee it so cute

Review #5337 by LordNikon21
Written on Jul 17, 2005 (Read 399 times)
Evanescence to me is a very good bad i was waiting for a long time for a nice simi-girl band to come out that really too there time to make songs that really mean something. Much credit go's to em for there effort in making such kick @ss songs. Btw did i meantion...R & B is my main choice in music but when a rock band can even get me to listen and rock out to em u know there doing somehting good.

Review #5253 by samantha
Written on Jul 6, 2005 (Read 386 times)
this song is amazing, it touches me and it makes me think of the time i argued with my friend. it is more than a song, it comes deep from the heart. amy's voice is great for this song it suits it so well. evanescence rock!!!

Review #5153 by tony
Written on Jun 13, 2005 (Read 405 times)
you know? it makes me fell free coz it help me to say im sorry and this is so hard to me. this lyrics touch my inside.

Review #5142 by orlando
Written on Jun 11, 2005 (Read 360 times)
it song make think that i will always have friends when i hurt then but it make me fell like i always hurt then


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