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Whisper EP / Sound Asleep EP

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2. Whisper

Review #7737 by GeorgeJ
Written on Jun 18, 2014 (Read 1389 times)
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Review #7539 by LuvEvanescence
Written on Jun 24, 2007 (Read 1602 times)
To answer your question, Ross, the line "Death in its most hideous form" is from the 1958 movie "My World Dies Screaming". It's also known as "Terror in the Haunted House". "Understanding" uses film clips from the same movie as well as from "When a Man Loves a Woman" (1994).

Review #7538 by Ross
Written on Jun 24, 2007 (Read 1603 times)
After listening AT LEAST 20 times to the demo version (no latin on mine either) I believe the woman saying death in its most hideous form is Judy Garland, but I have yet to figure out which film it is from.

Review #6219 by Dante
Written on May 7, 2006 (Read 1762 times)
Whoops, sorry I was thinking of both this Whisper and the demo. You can get it at scifithemes.com

Review #5979 by gwen
Written on Jan 6, 2006 (Read 1830 times)
to Dante:
i don't have the version that includes both the choir AND "death...death in its most hideous form". could you send it to me please?

to Gaz:
the version with the latin choir at the beginning is a demo version, not the EP version. just in case someone is wondering: the choir was taken from "O Verona" (Romeo+Juliet Soundtrack).

what misses in the non-fallen versions of Whisper is the operatic voice at the end, when it reaches the climax of the song.
but it true that the songs on Fallen are too polished.
at the beginning i loved the album, but now it just sounds like one boring song all through the album (same guitar riff, virtually no bass or drums), apart from Haunted and Hello.
i prefer their old stuff.

Review #5953 by Gaz
Written on Dec 21, 2005 (Read 1834 times)
This is the best and most awesome song EVER MADE BY EVANESCENCE! I love the opera at the begining and how it fades to them playing.  I give it 100000000/10

Review #5733 by Dante
Written on Oct 8, 2005 (Read 1865 times)
This is the best Whisper ever made. If you haven't heard this song then I feel real bad. However I'll tell the difference from this and the other versions. It starts out with the Latin choir and Amy saying "Death, death in it's most hideous form" and in the verses it's a radio sounding like guitar.

Review #5599 by PersephoneMediocris
Written on Sep 4, 2005 (Read 1874 times)
I love this version of Whisper, definately my favorate. And you can't buy the CD, anywhere. It's out of print. E-mail me at: jeniann13@yahoo.com for the mp3. It's out of print so there's nothing wrong with me giving it out. I also have Origin (out of print) and Evanescence EP (also out of print) if anyone wants the mp3s. And this version of Whisper IS very, very different.

Review #5461 by Dante
Written on Aug 7, 2005 (Read 1891 times)
Who knows where I can get this Cd?????
Somebody PLEASE tell me.

Review #5184 by James c
Written on Jun 19, 2005 (Read 1917 times)
i have this song, and for those of you who think you have it, it starts off playing backwards and then is interupted by a woman saying " death, death in its most hideous form" and then kicks off sounding alot different, so if u want it just add me on msn, or sumin,(jamescabezas@hotmail.com)


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