Reviews for Evanescence Concert
Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ

on October 27, 2006

Review #7250 by Billy
Written on Dec 12, 2006 (Read 1423 times)
Well well, the other 2 people that wrote their reviews were right on.  The band is totally awesome and i had goosebumps upon goosebumps listening to the sexy, errie thump of the music mixed with the power or Amys voice.  I waited happily for 2 months for this sold out concert an then i had to wait another 3 hours in line.  It was worth it by far.  I was totally amazed to see all sorts come in mass to see their favorite band play live.  From 10 year old punk rockers to the conservative parents that accompanied them.  The cheering was like nothing ive ever heard and everyone got along well.  Thank you to Evanescence for a awesome show and i cannot wait to see you all again.

Review #7200 by Elaina E
Written on Nov 28, 2006 (Read 1448 times)
I went to this concert and the venue was amazing.  Amy was awesome, working the stage, and pumping everyone up.  The neverending cheering was amazing.  I sat in the row farthest back, and i still was less then 75 feet away from the stage.  I loved this venue and the concert.  I do agree that Ev should have played longer, but the songs they did play were awesome.  My favorites included Lithium, Good Enough, Going Under, Bring Me To Life, and last but not least Call Me When Your Sober.  It was my first concert and I was blown away.

Review #7183 by Braxton
Written on Nov 23, 2006 (Read 1458 times)
The best concert that I've seen yet.  I haven't been to a lot, but Ev blew them all away.  The venue was perfect, since everyone was up close to the band.  This concert was one of the first sold out on the tour, I got to the concert an hour before it started, and I had to stand in a huge line.  I sat near John, which was cool, and Amy was great about running around the whole stage, pumping her powerful fist into the air for the entire time they played.  They sounded perfect live, especalliy with songs like Lithium and Good Enough.  The crowd never once let up and was cheering and screaming and singing from the beginning to five minutes after the band left.  My one complaint is that Ev didn't play for very long.  I think that they could have played more songs like Snow White Queen and Cloud Nine from The Open Door, and Everybody's Fool, Tourniqet, and My Last Breath from Fallen.  Just those five songs would have made a great concert even better.  They were great and I heard rumors that they are coming back to the U.S. to play in large venues.  I deffinetly going again, hopefully they'll play longer.  Ev rocks.
Track list (I think most are in teh right order):
1.Sweet Sacrifice
2.Weight of the World
3.Going Under
4.The Only One
7.Good Enough
8.Call Me When You're Sober
10.Bring Me To Life
13.My Immortal
14.All That Im Living For

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