Reviews for Evanescence Concert
Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY

on October 9, 2006

Review #7462 by Samantha
Written on Apr 6, 2007 (Read 249 times)
That concert was awesome. That was my very first concert, and Amy is my favorite singer. I even saw her yesterday, and that rocked too. She is amazing, her voice is soooo beautiful. I would love to see her again next tour.

Review #7288 by mark
Written on Dec 27, 2006 (Read 293 times)
This concert f**king rocked!  Coming in, I was skeptical on how they would sound live, but Amy ended all worries the second she opened her mouth.  She is by far the best female vocalist in all of rock music.  The set was really good, but I wanted to see Snow White Queen.  Amy sang Good Enough by herself with the piano, it was flawless.  Every note was perfect.  She is amazing and the show really proved to me how good they are.  Hope the next album isnt too long away.

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