WAVEgeneration is more than just adventure for adventure's sake, it is adventure for the sake of change, both personal and professional. If it is true that 'Change is the only constant,' then we must recognize that and learn to embrace change. By doing something that is outside of our everyday activities, by surviving a calculated risk, by reaching a new goal/accomplishment, we cause an internal paradigm shift which makes us stronger and more confident, allowing us to face personal and professional changes and challenges in more effective ways.

WAVEgeneration recognizes that a drop of water landing on still waters creates a ripple effect that may have no end and, in fact, may cause a wave of results.

WAVE is not just the four elements of the adrenaline rush, it is whatever is a challenge to YOU! For some, the WAVE will start with skydiving; for others, it could be... well, what's new to you?