Spend a Day with... the Traffic Goddess!
Much to everyone's dismay (or not), the Traffic Goddess is oh-so-slowly cutting back her schedule. After all, us goddesses are required in a wide variety of arenas, not just to spend time punishing, um, I mean teaching, errant drivers...
Well, by now you've realized that your driving sucks! (And not in a good way...) You come on down and spend a day with me... I promise, I'll be gentle. You can trust me!
Camille Leon, aka The Traffic Goddess, is a comedienne teaching traffic school for The Improv Comedy Club! Upcoming Traffic School dates and locations are listed below. The Traffic Goddess is also available for corporate and organizational training.
Improv Traffic School is DMV-approved!

*11/23 - La Mirada
*12/14 - Huntington Beach
*12/15 - San Bernardino
*12/21 - Ontario
To register: Call my bosses at 800-888-8526.
To schedule me to speak for your group: Call me directly at 310-398-4214 or e-mail me at Camille_Leon@hotmail.com. AND, if you really want to check me out...

No Sleep!


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