Internet Taping Standards

These are suggested rules of taping which anyone should follow who plans to copy or trade tapes on the internet. Please e-mail with any more suggestions of additions or modifications you may have.

Tape trading offers a unique opportunity for fans who truly appreciate music to acquire more that is otherwise unavailable. If you do not have anything to trade for the tapes you are requesting, you may want to consider including an extra blank cassette with each of your requests so that the provider can seek out new music themselves.
(Don't worry, this is not a requirement and is merely a courtesy)

It is requested that all music provided here is not commercially available and has not been banned from recording.  Not only is this to keep the faith of the music industry, but this also keeps us up and running.  This is an environment of music appreciation and good faith, to both eachother and the arists performing the music.   Please do not attempt mold this into your vehicle to speak out.