Audio/Video Music Central was founded by a member of the EveryDay Angels for the organization and distribution of free music to those who own the CDs, but are still craving more music from a musical talent.  This center for music is solely for trading audio and video tapes of recorded concerts. 

Any attempt to trade commercially owned material will be squashed.  If you own a copyright to any of the material referenced within this site, please e-mail the webmaster and arrange for proof of ownership.  Any such material is banned on this site.   While this sounds like it would ban all signed musical performers, it does not.   Concerts recorded by fans with the permission of the musical artist and then distributed through free trading does not apply.  This is the kind of material we strive to distribute.

There is to be absolutely no exchange of money to occur between providers and recipients as to remove any delusional idea that anyone is here to make money.

Internet taping standards are to be used in the exchanging of tapes.

If you wish to trade your concert tapes for others and have the ability to duplicate near-perfect copies of audio tapes, or if you simply would like to request some tapes from others, Sign-up